Block or Unblock Programs in Windows Firewall

In Windows 8, 7 and XP, you can set the Windows Firewall to block or unblock certain applications. Here’s how.

Windows 8 & 7

  1. Open the “Control Panel“.
  2. Select “System and Security“.
    Win7 System and Security icon
  3. In the Windows Firewall section, select “Allow a program through Windows Firewall“.
    Win7 Allow a program through Windows Firewall link
  4. Unchecking the box to the left of the application name disallows it from accessing network resources, while checking it allows access.
    Win7 window to allow or disallow programs
  5. If the program you wish to block or unblock is not listed, you can click the “Allow another program…” button to add it. Choose the application in the list and select “Add“. If the program is not in this list, use the “Browse…” button to select the program file manually.
    Win7 Add program to the firewall list


Windows XP

  1. Click Start and open the “Control Panel“.
  2. Select “Security Center“.
  3. In the “Manage security settings for” area, select “Windows Firewall“.
  4. Select the “Exceptions” tab.
  5. Check an application to allow access to the network, uncheck it to block access. If the program isn’t listed, select the “Add Program…” button to add it to the list.
    WinXP Firewall exceptions list


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