Windows 10: Enable/Disable On-Screen Keyboard

How to enable or disable the On-Screen Keyboard in Microsoft Windows 10. Use the On-Screen keyboard to type without an actual keyboard.

Note: The On-Screen Keyboard and the Touch Keyboard are considered two different keyboards.

Launching On-Screen Keyboard (OSK)

  • Select the “Start” button, type “osk“, then press “Enter“.

Touch Keyboard

  • Right-click the taskbar, then select or deselect “Show touch keyboard button“. Select the keyboard near the time whenever you wish to use the touch keyboard.

Enable or Disable OSK Via Setting

  1. Select “Start” > “Settings“.
  2. Choose “Ease of Access“.
  3. Select “Keyboard“.
  4. Set “On-Screen Keyboard” to “On” or “Off” as desired.

Enable or Disable OSK Via Registry

  1. Hold down the Windows Key and press “R” to bring up the “Run” dialog.
  2. Type “regedit“, then press “Enter“.
  3. Navigate to the following location:
    • HKLM
    • Microsoft
    • Windows
    • CurrentVersion
    • Authentication
    • LogonUI
  4. Open “ShowTabletKeyboard” and set it to “1” to enable it. Set it to “0” to disable it. If this key doesn’t exist, you can create it.

Now the On-Screen Keyboard should be enabled or disabled as desired.


This setting is not selected, but a keyboard still appears when I start Windows. Why is this happening?

You may have a third-party keyboard installed or one that was installed by the manufacturer of your device. Windows Vista & 7 users can go to Start, run “msconfig“, then check under the “Startup” tab to disable (uncheck) any keyboard software that might be running. Windows 10 & 8 users can right-click a blank area of the taskbar, select “Task Manager“, then select the “Startup” tab to disable keyboard software.


  1. Queen says

    Thank you so much for the info, for getting straight to the point and not wasting my time with “fluff” writing, and for posting this in such a timely manner!

  2. Matt B says

    Thanks, this worked perfectly! My SP3 had this feature working fine but the Win 10 upgrade turned it off for some unknown reason! Much appreciated.

  3. Barry says

    Recently did the Win 10 upgrade and could not keep the keyboard from starting each time I woke the tablet up. I went into the registry as shown above and the value was at “0” so I simply re-typed a “0” in there and now it does what I want. Don’t know why because a 0 is a 0 but the new 0 is much better than the old one.
    Priceless help.

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