Yahoo Mail: Enable Images On Messages

A security feature in Yahoo Mail prevents images from loading on certain messages. You can choose to show or hide images within email message by making a change in Yahoo Mail settings. Just use these steps.

1. Sign into Yahoo Mail.

2. Select the “Options Gear” in the upper-right corner.

3. Select “Mail Options“.

Yahoo settings gear

4. Select “General” in the left pane (this is probably already selected).

5. In the “Spam Protection” section, select the “Show images in emails” drop-down menu and choose one of the following:

  • Never by Default” – No images ever.
  • Only from my contacts and certified senders” – No images displayed unless the email came from somebody in your Contacts or from senders certified by Yahoo.
  • Always show images, except in Spam folder” – Display images in email from everybody.

Yahoo Show Images option

6. Select the¬†Save button, located toward the middle top of the screen¬†when you’re ready.



I enabled images to display, but my photo attachments aren’t showing up large on the page and I have to click them to view them. What’s the deal?

Embedded images will show large and as part of the email message. Attachments will only display as a thumbnail and will not be included in the body of the message.


I’m using the mobile version of the Yahoo Mail website. Where is this option?

Yahoo appears to have left this option off of the mobile version of their site. View the desktop version if possible to access this setting.


Does this setting have any effect on the Android the app?

It doesn’t appear to. Images always seem to display in the Android app independent of this setting. There is a separate setting within the app under “Settings > General Settings” called “Message Thumbnails – Display photos in messages”, but that only controls whether or not thumbnails for image attachments are displayed in your Inbox.


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