Samsung Galaxy Tab: Cut, Copy and Paste

One of the most widely used features on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is cut, copy and paste. If you’re not familiar with how it’s done on this device, use this tutorial to learn. It’s a bit difficult at first, but it’s a breeze once you get used to it.

To cut, copy and paste all text in a field…

1. Tap and hold the text field for about 2 seconds.

2. Tap Cut all or Copy all as desired.

3. Navigate to where you would like to paste the text.

4. Tap where you’d like the text to appear, then tap and hold the text field for about 2 seconds..

5. Tap Paste.

To cut, copy and paste a part of text in a field…

1. Tap and hold the text field for about 2 seconds.

2. Tap Select text.

3. Drag your finger across the text you’d like to cut or copy.

4. Tap and hold the selected text until a menu appears.

5. Select Cut or Copy as desired.

6. Navigate to where you would like to paste the text.

7. Tap where you’d like the text to appear, then tap and hold the text field for about 2 seconds..

8. Tap Paste.


  1. Sharon says

    I am trying to cut and paste, when I hold the text down it highlights the text but no box pops up to click on. How do l get the box to pop up? I even tried to plug a key bboard in, bu it still didn’t work.

  2. Gusso7 says

    When I try to copy a url or any component I am never sure if it did copy. When I try to paste, it will not do that leading me to think that the copy function has gone down. How do I restore that?
    I have tried the same procedure on my S3 and a friends Tab 10.1, which worked.
    Please can you advise?


  3. dr sangita ghosh says

    i have samsung galaxy tab 2. but i have a problem in operating it. i want to ask you that how can i copy an article from the net by using it. for example i want to copy a post of my friend in facebook and keep it in my tab so how can i do it. please help me?

  4. AW says

    Thanks for the instructions which helped me a great deal. I managed to copy and paste some text from my email to a memo on my tablet.

  5. julie says

    trying to cut and paste. Googled samsung tablet instructions and I am not able to perform this function as described. Help. I am a new user of the tablet so hoping this is an easy fix.

  6. charity says

    I have applied all of these steps and it is not working with Facebook, plz tell me what I am doing wrong. I want my copy and paste feature.

  7. shikin habib says

    I agree with most of the comments here. The cut n paste function doesn’t work. I’ve tried many times on my FB page and nothing happens when i press on the text. This is a serious oversight. Is there any way to overcome this or do we have to live with it? Seriously, it’s very frustrating!!

  8. Dvaid says

    It does not work you can do it from a txt but not the email client that came with the phone. When the iPhone came out this was a big error as you could not do the same I cant believe the galaxy has the same issue

  9. asep h says

    Yes I have the same problem, it could not copy and paste…I used for work, I try to bought keyboard wireless it still the same “oh very poor application” its just for KID…to play the game…

  10. Emelyn says

    This is absolutely ridiculous.I cant copy the text from the normal document into the email.Thios is very dissappointing.

  11. Maria Myrback says

    I have the same problem. I’m using Gmail and when i press and hold in the text field nothing happens. When I click more and hit “select text” I can select small chunks of text but when I try to get it to select anything outside of the screen, it won’t scroll down as I slide my finger down the screen. I thought if i got the keyboard, i would be able to do a ctrl-A maneuver and that’s not working in email either.

    I got this for work and now I’ll have to have articles sent to me as attachments just so i can C&P. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  12. Rob says

    Same. In the email program wanted to Reply All and copy a chunk of another another email into it. Holding down on the screen did nothing. There were no copy or paste options in the menu. A huge loss of functionality as the only option is to forward the message, delete all the content you dont want then do a reply all telling evertone to reference the other email…. Not good.

  13. Neil Davis says

    What a ridiculous oversight! No copy function in emails!?!

    The most basic and useful of functions in an email program and it’s not included.

    Very poor.

  14. satish says

    Also on galaxy I cannot delete all the messages in one go either in inbox or even from trash. This I refers to my hotmail account.
    In G mail account, even you delete mails under trash, it remains still there and does not delete. Anyone with different experience?

  15. satish says

    Yes I too tried. You cannot cut, copy from e mails. However from messaging that is sms, one could cut, copy and paste etc.

  16. soono says

    I’m having the same problem here with galaxy tab, trying to copy text from the email application, pressing and holding over text gives nothing, while menu only has “font size, background color, print and brightness setting” options…

  17. Larry says

    to be able to cut and paste with the Galaxy Tab, simply press the menu button and select “More” and swipe your finger to the text you are trying to copy. Now go to the place you want to paste the text to and tab and hold for 2 seconds, a pop up will come up and select “paste”.

  18. Mitch says

    I would need some more details to be able to help. What happens when you try these steps? Does a menu appear? Where are you trying to copy from?

  19. Desmond Lee says

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab the other day from Bell and used exactly the instruction you provided to perform “cut and paste” and it did not work. I even brought back to Bell for them to show me the “cut and paste” function. They cannot get it to work either. It was a main requirement of my purchase to be able to “cut and paste” text from emails and HTML pages, so I was disappointed and returned the product. Any help would be appreciated.

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