Word 2010/2007: How to Build a Resume Using Templates

Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007 includes some powerful templates that make creating a resume easy. Here’s how to access them.

Word 2010

1. Click the File menu.

2. Select New.

3. Choose New resume samples or Resumes and CVs.

Word 2010 Available Templates

4. Choose a resume that fits your liking, then select the Download button.

Word 2010 Download Resume

You’re ready to start editing and creating your new resume.

Note: There are also a few resume templates located under the File > New > Sample templates selection.

Word 2007

Use the included default templates.

1. Click the Office button and select New.

2. In the Templates section, select Installed Templates.

3. Select the appropriate resume template by double-clicking.

You can get many more templates from Microsoft.

1. Click the Office button and select New.

2. In the Microsoft Office Online section, select Resume.

3. Select the appropriate resume category.

4. Double-click the template you wish to use.

Now you’re off and running with an excellent template to start your resume with. Just replace the information in the template with your own. Good luck finding a job that fits!


  1. Marti says

    I am trying to use a resume template on MS Office 7 in Word. The template has space/examples for 2 employers of job history, but I need to add 3 more and it won’t let me. Do you know how to do that?

  2. Muhammad says

    I am using Microsoft word office 2007 I am trying to retrieve resume templete, it is displayed but when I download there is a message templete download erro. My computer is connected with computer. Its urgent

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