Motorola Droid: Change Email Ringtone Notification Sound

The notification sound my Motorola Droid was making every time I received an email message was annoying. I had to change the ringtone. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Open the Email or Gmail application. You may have to do these steps for both applications.

2. In the message list, press the Menu button.

3. Tap Account Settings.

4. Scroll down and tap Select ringtone.

5. Select a sound or select Silent. Then you can tap Vibrate on the previous screen if you like.

Droid email ringtone


  1. Joe says

    I have added two accounts so that I can get notifications when an email arrives (one is yahoo, the other aol).

    However, I would like the notifications to be silent since it rings all night long now. How do I set the email arrived notification to silent? Thanks.

  2. justin says

    Yea I have a the x.. like when I try to choose a ringtone it asks me if I want to choose from my zedge or regular phone ringtones and I go into zedge and when I change it it chages but after I exit out of it all it it just changes straight back to the default.. but if I change it to a different ringtone that came on the phone originally then it will stay that way.. I just don’t get why it wont let me change to my zedge ringtones

  3. Mitch says

    Are you talking Droid X? If so, you may have a sound profile set to ring under certain conditions.

  4. justin says

    Okay can anyone help me?? I have a problem with my email. I downloaded zedge for me ringtones and I tried to change the ringtone for the aol email accounts I put on my phone but evwrytime I change it and exit out of it goes straight back to the driod default sound.. its driving me nuts does anyone have any advise for this problem?

  5. Dee says

    Hi Carol..well we did the same thing..can’t find where you unchecked ringtone notifications though..can you take me step-by-step. .I appreciate your help!

  6. nathan says

    I went to the app market and installed RINGO. You can get the free one or pay 1.99 for the pro, with the pro you can set up ring tones for different people,sms, and email sounds. You can use the droid ones or download your own and use those songs. I love it because I know who is calling or texting me with out looking at my phone.

  7. Carol says

    Hi, Tish,

    I did finally get it fixed; I did it by accident. LOL I unchecked ‘ringtone notifications’ and then turned my phone off, then back on. After that I was able to then choose the short sounds for everything other than ringtones. I hope that helps; please feel free to email me if I didn’t explain that right. I’ll be happy to try and help. I love this phone, and am finally learning more and more how to use it. :)

  8. Mitch says

    They are separate. You can go into the Gmail or Email app, press Menu > More > Settings and disable that notification. In Messaging, turn it on under Menu > Settings.

  9. Carla says

    Ok.. the notifications will drive you nuts! If you turn the sound off for notifications because of email, you can’t tell when you have a new text message. Has anyone found a way to turn off notifications for email but leave them on for text messages? I am ready to take my phone back.

  10. admin says

    Clicked OK? Are you sure you’re on the right screen? There is no OK on the selection screen. Be sure you are actually checking the box instead of just previewing the tone.

  11. Jeanie says

    Email notification ringtone – I set it to ‘silent’, clicked OK, and it keeps defaulting to the ‘tada’ ringtone, even while still saying it’s on ‘silent’. What am I doing wrong?

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