How to Hard and Soft Reset the Roku 2

The Roku 2 is an amazing piece of hardware with it’s ability to replace cable TV, all packed in a box that fits in the palm of your hand. As great as the device is, it’s not perfect. It freezes at times. There have been several occasions where mine has been stuck on a “retrieving” screen. Other times, the device won’t start properly.

When you have problems with the Roku 2, the best solution is usually a soft reset. If that doesn’t fix the issues, a factory hard reset will usually do the trick. Here’s how you can do both.

Soft reset

1. Find the Reset button on the back of the device. It’s located above the power port.

Reset button in the Roku 2

2. Using a paper clip, press the button, then release after about one second.

The device should reset successfully.

You can also reset using the remote control by pressing the following:

  • Home 5 times
  • Up 1 time
  • Rewind 2 times
  • Fast Forward 2 times


Hard reset

If a soft reset doesn’t fix your problem, a hard reset may be your only option. This will clear all data off the Roku 2 and reset it to factory default settings.

1. Remove all cables except the Power cord.

2. Using a paper clip, press and hold the Reset button on the back of the device for about 15 seconds.

3. Continue to hold the Reset button, then remove the Power cord from the back of the unit.

4. Release the Reset button, then plug all of the cords back into the device.

The Roku 2 should walk you through the setup process again.

You can also accomplish a hard reset by selecting Settings > Factory reset > Factory reset > Yes on the device’s menu.


  1. Michael Morrisey says

    Ive done soft and hard resets as described on the Roku2 XD, also changed HDMI cable to a known good one and I get nothing, not even a frozen roku screen. Just my TV saying no signal. Anything else I can try?

  2. Char Jacober says

    How can I get my Roku 2 to work on slower broadband. My internet only has 2 gigs and the streaming is 5 minutes buffering and 2 minutes of the movie.

  3. Ann Snyder says

    My Roku 2 says Unable to complete requested action.Your Roku player is unable to complete the requested action.If it has a problem, unplug wait 10 sec and plug it in. We tried that and push reset button with a paper clip (soft reset) Still will not work. Help!!

  4. Yvonne Brown says

    I can not get the green light on my Roku2. I have tried both the hard and soft resets. Please help me.

  5. Roger says

    Thanks, you saved me the cost of a new Roku. After a fuse blew it wouldn’t reboot; I’ve tried unplugging the power and pushing the reset button all day, leaving it off for a while etc., all I got was the word ROKU. What I didn’t know is I needed to hold down the reset button for 15 seconds; I just learned that here, and it worked. Thanks again!

  6. mindy says

    Have the ROKU 2. We do not use the original email that was set up with the ROKU. How do we change to another email and set up again using also a new password?? Thanks!

  7. Dave Ramirez says

    This little trick is great. I am doing my research on “cutting the cable” and this level of expertise makes this decision even easier.

  8. Sara says

    Thanks for the soft reset remote shortcut. I am constantly having to get up and unplug/replug my Roku when I try to use Hulu. We even did a hard reset, but it didn’t fix the problem. I guess Hulu needs to work on making their channel on Roku more reliable.

  9. Janet says

    I have a roku 2 and I keep getting this message invalid divice after all seems to be set up and I go to a movie on netflix after I click play. Any info on a possible solution ?

  10. June somers says

    My roku 2 has a blank screen with the word roku scrolling
    I have unplugged cables and rep lugged. I have waited an hour and will not come on. I do not have a reset button on the roku 2? It is only a month old. Please help me. Thank you, June somers

  11. Jon Shively says

    I have a Roku XD unit that has not worked in a year and when I tried to return it, one of the three requirements for return was an Order Number. What manufacturer needs an order number when you have a Model and Serial Number available on the unit?

    This is a ploy to avoid accepting defective products.

    Just my thoughts.

  12. John Husted says

    The Roku 2 is the biggest POS! It’s constantly dropping the internet connection, then either connects and immediately drops again or just won’t reconnect. It’s not the internet because the Roku 1 (wireless) never has a problem, along with any other wireless devices. I’ve tried both soft and hard resets multiple times. Looks like I’ve got a $100.00 paper weight. I’m never recommending Roku again.

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