Disable Apple Software Update Screen (Windows)

The Apple Software Update kept appearing on my computer and I couldn’t figure out what was causing this annoyance. I didn’t find it in my Startup folder or in the registry anywhere. Soon I discovered it was in my Scheduled Tasks. Here is how you can prevent the Apple Software Update screen from appearing.

Apple Software Update Screen


Windows 7/Vista

1. Click the Windows Start orb in the lower-left corner and type task scheduler in the Start Search box. Press Enter.

2. Expand the Task Schedule Library section.

3. Select the Apple folder.

4. Right-click AppleSoftwareUpdate and select Disable or Delete.

Disable Apple Update in Task Scheduler



1. Click Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks.

2. Right-click on AppleSoftwareUpdate and select Delete.

Delete Apple Software Update


  1. Spartacus says


    Apple can also put update software into your Startup folders.

    The easiest (not only, just easiest) way of dealing with that IMHO is to download the famous CCLEANER which has a fully-functional Freeware version.

    Run it, click the TOOLS button and then click STARTUP. It has additional Schedules (not found in Schedules) and it has the Windows start-up files. You can easily disable or delete them inside that.

    I’ve disabled about 25 programs from my Startup. I *had* to as each day for some reason my laptop was freezing for about 5 minutes every 20. I worried it might be unasked-for updates. Now? No freezing whatsoever.

    However, this tip from this site was in addition to CCLEANER. I managed to stop EVERYTHING else except this update, evidence CCLEANER is good but not completely perfect.

  2. Spartacus says

    Very, very helpful. Found this site in a DuckDuckGo search and very glad I did.

    Thanks again… no more Apple spam.

  3. Tom Turkington says

    Just to offer my thanks too… I remember where a U.S. Senator recently asked the CEO (or some other bigshot) from Apple why his software always wants to update itself. My recollection is the CEO shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t know. I use iTunes very rarely, and yet they act like their software is soooo important. Should be a checkbox on the screen to either disable or allow automatic updates without user intervention. In any event, one less annoyance in my life. Thank you very much.

  4. andy says

    im having this problem
    however when i open task scheduler and expand the library the apple folder doesnt apear to be there.
    please help!

  5. Bruce says

    Thanks, this has been annoying me. I couldn’t find anything in Services that would explain this weekly prompt but didn’t think of looking at Task Scheduler.

  6. Ron says

    This is a great way to look for other instances where programs have decided to auto-update themselves. Google Update was listed in my XP Task Manager (which I keep running at all times), and removing it from the Scheduled Tasks seems to have kept it from updating or running in the background.

    On the more extreme side, if you’ve downloaded a program that has malware embedded, sometimes these will also show up in the Scheduled Tasks. Be warned that simply deleting the malware from S.T. may not keep it from reinstalling, in which case right click the task, click Properties, see where it’s originally called from, and try deleting it from there.

    Thanks for providing a system that makes it easy for malware to remain undetected, Microsoft. *shakes fist enthusiastically*

  7. Wil says

    Thanks for this. Now to re-run the eight hours of self-gravitating turbulent cloud simulation, just to get the screen caps that this annoying piece of malware befouled with its presence.

  8. SB says

    Aah, what a fantastic page I’ve found. After months of getting angry on this malware, I found this solution. Who would have thought an established company like Apple could install a malware – and yes it IS a malware, nothing less than that – through such cunning, underhand means? Apple Software Update doesn’t appear anywhere on the list of startup programs. Instead, they cunningly hid it as a scheduled task!! Okay, maybe Apple won for a moment in forcing me to consider their products, but on the longer term, they have lost. After this experience, I’ll never buy anything to do with Apple – software or hardware. They have proved to be a third rate malicious company that should belong to the gutter. Anyway, many thanks for this solution!

  9. marcusbacus says

    Great, many thanks. This is by far one of the most annoying updates, it asks if you want to update softwares that aren’t even installed in your system (like Safari), they can’t even figure this out let alone let you choose if or when you want to update things on your own.

  10. Derek says

    YES! I love you guys for posting this. This updater has been driving me crazy and I was never able to figure out what was running it. I didn’t even think to look in the task scheduler.

  11. Kamlsh D says

    asm trying to instll iTunes 10, and at the end of the installation attempt, it says- unable to remove older apple software update…. contact tech support! Man this is my sons PC, and I am his Tech support!!

  12. Carol says

    Alas, the popup came during recording of an entire webinar, RUINED it.

    But cannot find it in Scheduled Tasks. Not there. Now what? How to kill it?

  13. kemp says

    Gone for good, until you install any trivial product apple has such as quicktime or itunes. BAD BUSINESS ETHICS.

  14. Mihailo says

    Thanks mate, would have never thought that anyone sane would install something like that in my scheduled jobs.
    It was driving me crazy for some time, asking me to install all sorts of apple software. Now it’s gone for good, thanks to you.

  15. Ken says

    I have Quicktime 7.5 , xp pro sp2 and unchecked the enable apple software update box in scheduled tasks and mycmputer failed to re boot properly after comming out of sleep mode.
    Had to shut down computer and turn on manually.
    Then I removed the program from add or remove programs and same thing happens with my computer failing to come back from sleep mode, so I resorted to repairing or basically re installing the apple software update program, and everything worked fine.
    I’d like to get rid of it and still have my computer function properly.
    Any help is appreciated.

  16. Jeff says

    I didn’t find anything listed in my scheduled tasks, but I did find Apple Software Update listed under programs on the start menu. From there, click on Edit–>Preferences and set the schedule you want (“never” for me).

  17. jendy says


    This has been bugging me for a while – I’ve been trawling through registry and config files – just didn’t think of scheduled tasks!

  18. sgd says

    You can also let Apple Software Update keep running regularly, but tell it to ignore updates for particular products, using a command in its Tools menu. This is helpful for when Apple attempts to install new programs (like Safari), not just updates, through their update system.

  19. jeff says

    instead of removing it, you can show the PROPERTIES and uncheck the ENABLED checkbox at the bottom. This way, if you want to run it once, its easy to find.

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