Set Song to Repeat on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

You can set a single song or a playlist to repeat on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch a couple of different ways. We’ll show you how with this tutorial.

iOS 7 and Higher

1. From the “Now Playing” screen within the Music app, you can use the “Repeat” option located at the lower-left portion of the screen.

iPhone Repeat Music Option

2. When selected, you will be presented with three options:

  • Repeat Off = Turns repeat off.
  • Repeat Song = Repeats the current song.
  • Repeat All = Play through the currently selected playlist, artist, or album, then repeat playing the list.

iOS7 Repeat Options

Alternately, you can use Siri to set songs to repeat. Just press and hold the Home button, then say “Repeat” followed by what you want to repeat.

Example: “Repeat Smells Like Teen Spirit”


iOS 6 and Lower

1. From the “Now Playing” screen, tap on the album art.

2. Tap on the circular arrows below the bar. Tapping it once will repeat all the songs in the list. Tapping it again will repeat the current song.


The number 1 will appear on the arrow icon indicating it is currently repeating a single song.


Note: If you select the “Next” button while you have a single song set to repeat, it will skip to the next song. The repeat functionality only works if the song comes to an end naturally.


  1. Charli says

    Neither of these are correct for my phone, I have the latest IOS and it is all set up differently. Please help

  2. Ace Ebreo says

    Do you know what iPod devices operate on the iOS 6? Clicking on the “next” button to access the next song, while set to single song repeat, is invaluable to me as I try to memorize definitions. Am I correct in assuming that iOS 7 and later do not have that feature?

    I had an iPod Nano 6th generation where that feature worked (it was lost), however, my iPod Classic does not and I’d hate to purchase another Apple device w/o that feature.


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