How to Connect Kindle Fire HD to a TV

The original Kindle Fire didn’t have any support for a connection to a TV. Many users were turned off by this. The newer Kindle Fire HD has an HDMI port for your TV viewing needs. If you wish to connect your Kindle Fire HD to a TV, all you need is a standard Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI cable. Just connect the cable between your device and an available HDMI port on your TV, and you’re ready to enjoy watching any content on your Kindle Fire HD on your TV. The connection will even provide audio.

Be aware that the HDMI connection will only work for those of you with newer high-definition TV sets. If you want to connect your Kindle Fire HD to an older, analog TV, you’ll need additional equipment. You’ll need a box to convert the signal from digital to analog to make it compatible with the 3 RCA jacks on the back of the TV in addition to the Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI cable.

Once you use one of the above solutions, the rest should be seamless. Whatever is on the screen of your Kindle Fire HD will appear on your TV.


  1. pam says

    I have thr kindle fire hd 7. I also have an analog tv but have a digital cable box. Can i stream thru the cable box?

  2. Madame Sheri says

    The 2013 version of the Kindle Fire Hd 7 will no support the micro hdmi to hdmi cable. The connection for the Fire is too small.

  3. Richard McLaughlin says

    Useful, thank you, Mitch. Have connected up to analogue tv as you suggest. All fine but tv picture is black-and-white only. Any ideas? Thanks. Richard

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