Kindle Fire: Enable/Disable Auto-Correction & Capitalization

Are you tired of your Amazon Kindle Fire automatically correcting and capitalizing the words you type? I was, and had to disable the setting. Here’s how to turn the auto correction and capitalization features of the Kindle Fire on or off.

Kindle Fire HDX & HD

  1. Swipe down the bar at the top of the screen and choose “Settings“.
  2. Select “Language & Keyboard“.
  3. Select “Keyboard Settings“.
  4. Set “Auto capitalization” and “Auto-correction” to “On” or “Off” as desired. You might want to change “Next Word Prediction” also if you have a preference on whether or not the Kindle Fire should try to predict what word you are typing.

Original Kindle Fire

  1. Original Kindle Fire users select the settings gear then choose “More“.
  2. Choose “Kindle Keyboard“.
  3. Switch “Auto-capitalization” and “Quick fixes” to “On” or “Off” as desired.


  1. CJ says

    Thank you!!!!!! My Kindle is NOT as smart as I am…even though it thinks (to my dismay) it is!!

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