iTunes: Fix iPhone or iPod Not Detected in Windows 8

I recently upgraded to Microsoft Windows 8 and found that iTunes no longer detected my iPod Touch or iPhone. Here’s how I fixed it.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Select Hardware and Sound.

3. Select Devices and Printers.

4. Your iPhone or iPod should be displayed in the Unspecified section. Right-click it and select Properties.

iPod Device Properties option

5. Select the Hardware tab, then click the Properties button.

Hardware Properties button

6. From the General tab, select the Change settings button.

Change settings button

7. Select the Driver tab, then select Update Driver.

Update Driver option

8. Choose Browse my computer for driver software.

Browse my computer for driver software option

9. Select Browse… then navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

Apple device driver location

10. Click Next > Close.

Your Apple device should now be detected successfully within iTunes.


  1. Nova says

    This was fantastic! A million times faster and more helpful than any of the forum posts by the Apple ‘technicians’! This fixed it no problem and I can finally put new music on. <3

  2. Gary Glicksteen says

    Thanks for the help. I have an Iphone 5s after an update of Windows 8 my PC could not find my Iphone. I tried a couple other fixes found on the net but none worked until I tried yours. I think Microsoft likes to mess with the competition when they update Windows, so Firefox usually doesn’t work etc.

  3. Brian says

    Spectacular fix – Apple fixes were all a giant waste of time, but this is easy, clear and effective. Thanks!

  4. Rob Xavier says

    Fantastic!! Fixed it like a charm. Never dreamed it would be something like this. I thought for sure it was the 3.0 USB port. Thanks for posting this!!

  5. scott says

    You have no idea how many ridiculous “fixes” I’ve tried until I found this one nothing worked. Thank you so much for posting this.

  6. Rosa says

    This fix was AWSOME!!!! I was pulling my hair out trying to search for support on the Apple website. I am running Windows 8.1 with iTunes 11.x and iPhone 5.

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