iTunes: Fix iPhone or iPod Not Detected in Windows 8

I recently upgraded to Microsoft Windows 8 and found that iTunes no longer detected my iPod Touch or iPhone. Here’s how I fixed it.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Select Hardware and Sound.

3. Select Devices and Printers.

4. Your iPhone or iPod should be displayed in the Unspecified section. Right-click it and select Properties.

iPod Device Properties option

5. Select the Hardware tab, then click the Properties button.

Hardware Properties button

6. From the General tab, select the Change settings button.

Change settings button

7. Select the Driver tab, then select Update Driver.

Update Driver option

8. Choose Browse my computer for driver software.

Browse my computer for driver software option

9. Select Browse… then navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

Apple device driver location

10. Click Next > Close.

Your Apple device should now be detected successfully within iTunes.


  1. Nova says

    This was fantastic! A million times faster and more helpful than any of the forum posts by the Apple ‘technicians’! This fixed it no problem and I can finally put new music on. <3

  2. Gary Glicksteen says

    Thanks for the help. I have an Iphone 5s after an update of Windows 8 my PC could not find my Iphone. I tried a couple other fixes found on the net but none worked until I tried yours. I think Microsoft likes to mess with the competition when they update Windows, so Firefox usually doesn’t work etc.

  3. Brian says

    Spectacular fix – Apple fixes were all a giant waste of time, but this is easy, clear and effective. Thanks!

  4. Rob Xavier says

    Fantastic!! Fixed it like a charm. Never dreamed it would be something like this. I thought for sure it was the 3.0 USB port. Thanks for posting this!!

  5. scott says

    You have no idea how many ridiculous “fixes” I’ve tried until I found this one nothing worked. Thank you so much for posting this.

  6. Rosa says

    This fix was AWSOME!!!! I was pulling my hair out trying to search for support on the Apple website. I am running Windows 8.1 with iTunes 11.x and iPhone 5.

  7. ktr says

    Thanks a million for this fix!! I had spent a few hours trying to fix this before I found this simple and quick fix. Cheers.

  8. Brian says

    Thank you so much. I just bought a new Iphone but needed to back up my 4S first on a new computer before activating 5S. The new computer would not recognize the phone until I followed these steps. Worked Like a Charm. Thanks Again. bdr

  9. Joseph says


  10. Christina says

    THANK YOU! I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why my iPhone 4S wasn’t being detected by iTunes on Windows 8. Took me a while to find this page, but this solution was quick, easy, and effective; way more reliable than any Apple support I got.

  11. Danielle says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You were the only site I could find after endless searching that following the instructions worked. So happy I can now sync my iPad air to my Windows 8 laptop.

  12. Jyri Rauhala says

    My iTunes recently updated itself to and as result both of my iPOD’s stopped being visible to iTunes.
    I followed the instructions given here and as result my iPod touch 1st gen reappeared. Also the sync works okay now. Very good!
    However, my iPod Nano 5th gen is still invisible. When I try to update the driver as described the response is “the driver is already the best possible”. Any advice on this one?
    I have tried reinstalling entire iTunes. All works well, except that the problem does not go away.
    My PC is running Windows 8.1 64bit

  13. malcolm Peill says

    Excellent, worked where other tips failed. In my case it was an iPad Air that was not recognised in iTunes. Now back up and running, thanks.

  14. John says

    Thank you so much! It save a lot of time for me to restore from previous backup. Hm! Windows 8.1, 64 bit with itune. Suck!

  15. AlyInsanity says

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!! I couldn`t find anywhere how to fix that d-mnd problem but now it’s fix thanks to you :D

  16. Victor says

    Does anyone know why iTunes 11.x.x does not install on Windows 8.1 with Windows Media X64?

    I have tried all versions of iTunes and all will almost make a completed install, but at the last few steps the installation aborts and backs out the installation.

    I see a lot of others having this problem. But no one has any solution. Removing and re-installing using the updated application and manually installing, and manually installing in compatibility mode ALL DO NOT work.

    Is there anyone from Apple reading these posts? Any answers?

    Does anyone have a fix for this?

    Thank you.

  17. anye says

    It didn’t work for me. Im using an iPhone 4s, Windows 8 and iTunes 9 64bit (im using itunes 9 because of my old ipod which cannot be detected as well..)

  18. Ange says


    I have been having the same problem as everyone. Followed the instructions below and managed to be able to see my music (awesome) BUT I can’t seem to sync. I get an error that says “Tunes cannot be used because the required software is not installed. Run the iTunes installer…uninstall blah blah” I did that and checked what I had installed and it was the correct one. I have restarted etc. I have a Windows 8 PC. Don’t want to lose any music – any help would be awesome. Thanks!

  19. Pedromull says

    Many thanks solved a most frustrating error in windows 8.1 worked like a charm!

  20. Nerida says

    My iphone does not appear after I select Devices and Printers.
    The phone beeps and charges, but appears nowhere, not in My Computer or iTunes?
    I would appreciate any suggestions.

  21. Alexis says

    My iPod is being detected in iTunes, but my computer no longer notifies me when I plug it in. I bought it as Windows 8 and I haven’t done anything to it, so I don’t understand why the computer won’t notify me when something’s plugged in. All of my notifications are on. I need this to access my pictures.

  22. Ellie says

    HEY when you try to download iTunes, click RUN instead of SAVE. WHen I clicked save it didn’t work but when I clicked run it automatically popped up, installed and is now working perfectly

  23. tasha hall says

    it hasn’t at all, just when i plug my iphone in it takes me straight to my photos and says you have no photos on this device when i do but i want itunes to come up and its not

  24. Richard says

    Thanks Mitch, it worked. Ipod to windows 8. Only problem iTunes wants me to reboot ipod which means me loosing my play lists. Already lost some songs from windows 7 to 8. this is a new Sony laptop. I have got 22k songs on the ipod and don’t want to loose anymore. Could you help please ?

  25. Brittany says

    “Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.
    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.
    Apple Mobile Device USB Driver”

    PLEEEEEEEAAAAASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I have had this problem with my phone for months now!!! I know I need this driver but I have no idea how to get it. I have even called Apple and have had this case open for over a month! Does anyone know what I need to do???????? I am desperate!

  26. Mike P says

    You are my hero! I have been trying to find a solution all day. I am so glad you posted this. Thanks so much.

  27. KDH says

    I got as far as “Update Drivers” but the button is grayed out and un-clickable. Is there a way around this?

  28. Amie says

    When I go into my control panel, there is not unspecified devices, but my ipod is connected and charging. What am I doing wrong?!

  29. Jaguarik says

    UFFFFF. Uff, amazing, amazing. Nobody could not cope. Fabulous. It works instantly. Week I struggled Thank you. Thank you.

  30. shane says

    I have gone through these steps and it shows my driver at the end of the steps. yet my phone still does not show up anywhere in iTunes…

  31. Lady says

    I have windows 8. I download I tunes on my new computer . I went then to use my IPhone by connecting it to ITunes. At first all things were ok. Then the next day when I went to update the iPhone have of the settings in ITunes turn to something like Chinese writing . I have uninstalled and reinstalled but unable to change the language back. Can anyone help please. Thanks l

  32. Richard Gilliam says

    Mitch, I get as far as Update Driver, from manual location, but when drilling down your suggested path, I don’t see a ‘Drivers’ sub-directory under Mobile Device Support. Must not have been part of my iTunes installation.

    Is this something I can download manually and retry?

    Rick G

  33. JD says

    In your step 4, my iPhone 4 is not even listed anywhere in the devices area. There is no unspecified section. It is not recognized at all and does not show up in the device manager either.

  34. ryan says

    Hello! I’m Ryan and i have The same problem 100% of the other people are having. I have the new windows 8 version, trying to download the Newest Itunes Version; 11. And it says that it does not support my version of windows. What can or should i do?

  35. scott says

    On step 4 where it comes up as Apple i pod under the unspecified section mine comes up as Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. I did all the steps and did not help so i presume this has something to do with it. Do you know anyway of fixing it.

  36. bob says

    guys i have problem with this i tried everything i can see my ipad 3 as unknown device please help !! the ipad on DFU mode i just want to locate it in my PC!! help guys !

  37. sana says

    i cant seem to download itunes 11 for my new windows 8. i like music SO WHAT SHOULD I DO. iv already tried regulary installing it and it goes fine untill the last loading part . it then it says this is not compatible with this computer. so i say it again WHAT SHOULD I DO

  38. Samantha says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have tried several other driver updates and they all said I had the most current. I followed your steps and perfect. It is all working. Thanks again!

  39. sohail says

    Thxz man itune problem is solved but where can i get my iphone photos because there is no any device showing in my computer and still one yellow iphone driver requred in device manager..

  40. Tim says

    Many many many thanks. Finally someone who understands the problem and figured out how to actually solve it. Others merely say uninstall/reinstall or suggest some screwy command prompt action that needs to be done each time it’s connected.

  41. mary says

    I am so frustrated. I cannot download iTunes on my new laptop with Windows 8, IE10.

    “Errors occurred during installation for iTunes could be configured. Your system has not been modified. To complete installation run the installer again. ”

    I don’t have any more details other than I tried installing using compatibility mode. I am installing iTunes×64.

    Tried this several times including removing the set up files and re-downloading.

    This is so frustrating and I am not technical enough to find another way to make this work. Any ideas?

  42. Manoj Makanjee says

    Mate, you know your job just too well. My problem is solved. Please note -
    check program files and not program files x86 if you have 64bit system.
    Please accept my sincere thanks.

  43. Alireza says

    Thank you so much, I did all of this steps and even I re-installed iTunes, but the problem has not been solved, Could you help me more? thank you in advance.

  44. THANK YOU says

    WOW, I have searched everywhere for a fix for this. THANK YOU SOOOOO much! worked like a charm the first time.

  45. Garry says

    Like the previous responder, I don’t usually comment. But this one worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

  46. Uwais says


    Cant seem to find Drivers file after selecting mobile device support, anything else it could be?


  47. Jess says

    Great instructions, and your instructions all went according to plan, up until I needed to browse for the driver. I was able to get up to: C:\Program Files\Common Files but then there’s no ‘Apple’ folder to continue…
    Can you please help? Thanks in advance! Jess

  48. Rory says

    THANK YOU!!!! Do you know how long I have been looking for a solution to this Windows 8 and iTunes issue. There are a whole lot of frustrated people out there who need to know about your solution. You Da Man!

  49. Philippe says

    It worked for me as well ! Great, you sure saved me a lot of time and frustration.
    Note : I copied/pasted the path to the driver folder as I could not find it using the Browse button (and though I can see hidden folders)

    Many thanks !!

  50. Gary says

    Thanks for fix, it worked perfectly. Others should be steered to this site to resolve this specific problem. Any idea as to why this is happening?


  51. Leelu says

    Thank you, thank you! So many things not working out of the box and now I can cross one off :D.

  52. Brian says

    Thanks! This helped. I did not have a device section in iTunes – tried with 3 different iOS devices.
    Symptoms slightly different from above – device appeared under mobile units with a MS driver. Updating as described gave a new Apple Mobile Device USB driver.

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