Internet Explorer 10: Enable/Disable JavaScript

Enable or disable Javascript in Internet Explorer 10 using these easy steps.

1. Select the Gear in the upper-right corner of the screen or the Tools menu if you have the menu bar enabled, then select Internet Options.

IE9 Internet Options

2. Click Security > Internet > Custom level…


3. Scroll down to Scripting and select the radio button to Enable or Disable it. You may also opt for IE7 to Prompt you to allow scripts to run.


4. Click OK, then OK again.

JavaScript should now be enabled or disabled in Internet Explorer 10.


  1. gurushant says

    I have enabled java script on my IE, I am using windows7. Now its still showing errors while running javascripts on it.

  2. Dean O Reno says

    get another internet browser IE is so messed up with all the updates you’d think that they could make a browser that works

  3. claire says

    i have been trying to play games on facebook and i have enabled javascript and all the other stuff but still not working please help its a new notebook i need help!

  4. sender says

    me too…still not working…i have IE7 and i did what you shown me…i restarted IE…and still didnt work…i cant still play games in facebook…

  5. Deborah says

    I’m trying to disable JavaScript because I am testing a simple tag which is working fine in FF. But I can’t get IE to disable JS. I tried this tutorial but it doesn’t work. I remember in previous versions of IE there was a specific enable/disable of JavaScript (not “Active Scripting”) but I don’t see it in IE7. Another tutorial said to disable Java applets (which makes no sense) and then restart the browser. So I tried disabling both Active Scripting and Java applets and then restarting the browser and that didn’t do anything either. What gives?

  6. Paul Bedding says

    I ahave been unable to view certain apps(FARM, SUPERPOKE) in the past few hours. I have tried uninstalling, then re-installing Flash Player, and checked settings as described above. No luck so far, can anybody help?

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