How to Transfer Music From Computer to iPod

How to get music from your computer to your iPod music player.

Note: This tutorial has been updated for Apple iTunes11.

1. Download iTunes and install it.

2. Launch iTunes and you can drag and drop the song files or folders with the music files to the iTunes window. The music files will then be added to the iTunes library.

Dragging MP3 files to iTunes

3. Attach your iPod to the computer. You can then start dragging items to the right side of the window. The items on your iPod will expand on the right side as you are dragging songs where you can drop them.

If you have the sidebar enabled, you can do it the old fashioned way and drag items to the device listed on the left side. If nothing is happening when you drag songs, you may have to go to Summary and check the Manually manage music and videos box.

Dragging music to iPodNote: The first time you connect an iPod to a computer, it may ask you to setup the device with a name and a few other preferences.

4. Select the iPod button in the upper-right corner.

5. Select Sync button in the lower-right corner.

It can take a while for music files to sync. You can see the progress of the file transfer at the top of the iTunes screen. When you are done moving files to the iPod, you can eject it by pressing the eject icon next to the device on the left side.


  1. Zoe says

    I have moved the music to iTunes, sync-ed my iPod touch, but when I open the music file on there they have not appeared! Help please.

  2. Guus Schippers says

    How do I keep same sequence of video episodes when transferring from iTunes to iPod Classic?
    Have read many “solutions” but none work. I have 2 DVDs, one with 48 lessons, one with 12. The 48 one synched in the right sequence, the 12 one keeps sorting alphabetically within the 48 one, even though the album names are different. The sort order is by name and album. I have compared information for both item by item and the details are exactly the same. Still the 12 one refuses to sort by itself.

  3. wolf says

    just choose ”options” under manage library and set to ”manual” then open music folder and select all then copy to ipod music…i just did 450 songs…

  4. jordane m says

    What if you have all the music saved on a flashdrive? Do you need to download itunes in order to add more music to ur ipod?

  5. Vanessa says

    I have itunes on my computer and I have downloaded the free music download pro app, I have my music on there and I need to transfer it to my ipod touch… HELP!!! I cant get it to drag and drop into my music folder. Will you please give me a simple way to do this?

  6. Soumya says

    Hey..! when i connect my ipod to the computer it shows the pictures clicked from the camera in it , so how do i download songs?

  7. Aliana says

    I found a way!!! just connect your ipod, highlight all of the music files and make a new folder in your Ipod just by clicking new folder and paste your music in that!

  8. visakone says

    I like this Technic but when I transfer music from my PC to iPod, my PC always show me “please format this drive”
    Please help me what should I do?

  9. Kruti says

    pls help…i am frustrated 4 not knowing hw to transfer songs fron computer to i pod

  10. stephanie says

    I have ipod touch , which is shattered can i transfer songs over to new ipod touch?

  11. marivic says

    it is not working on my part and not even the video podcast I have on my library is on my ipod (classic) what seems to be the problem?

  12. Mitch says

    I wouldn’t recommend it. It will clear the existing data on the iPod. Then, when your friend goes back home and attaches it to their computer, it will clear out whatever you’ve added. There are ways you can work around this, but it’s not worth the effort if you asked me.

  13. Eboyer says

    Okay. i got my fiance an ipod for Valentines Day. We have all the music he wants on our PC already. He has all of it in a folder labeled “IPOD”. I’ve downloaded itunes already. some music from our PC is on there. but non of what he wants. Im not very good with computers. i need this broken down for me. as much as possible. i just cant figure out how to transfer his playlist to itunes to get it on his ipod!!! ugh!!

  14. Mitch says

    You’ll have to drag it over to iTunes, then sync it to the iPod Touch just as you would a song purchased in the iTunes store.

  15. Claudia says

    Hi, i was just wondering how I could transfer my own mp3 music to my itouch. The songs are not in anyway related to itunes so how can i convert them into the proper format so i can transfer them onto my itouch? Thanks!

  16. Paula Renouf says

    Hi I tunes,

    Can you please explain why when i download from my dell computer onto the latest classic i60gb ipod the songs sometimes download under title of album rather than being listed under singer.

    Example the very best of Louis Armstrong was listed under the very best of and not under Louis Armstrong. Can you help please. many thanks Paula

  17. glambertgurl says

    I did this recently and followed someone’s advice and it worked for me (not guaranteeing anything..) I had to go to the file folder where my music was currently saved (nothing to do with itunes) (get there by right clicking “Start”, then “Explore”. Find your file and music. You must save the music as itunes (rather than .mpg, etc). Right click on music, select “Open with” scroll down to bottom and select “Choose Program” (if itunes isn’t in the short options), then select itunes from that menu. Click save. When you open itunes next time, that music should be there. Mine were concert videos transferred from my phone to my pc and this process worked fine for me. Good luck.

  18. Mark C says

    When i attach the usb from my sons ipod to download cd`s from the pc it does not register, can someone please help. Thanks

  19. kenb says

    my son lost my ipod, it was a 20gb model about 4 years old. If i get a new ipod classic can i transfer all my songs from my computer to the new ipod. and will the new ipod classic work in a 3 year old Bose Sound Dock? The songs on my computer are all on iTunes.

  20. javad says

    Hello, I tried downloading music already on my computer to my new ipod i just got…the music wasnt on itunes but it was on my computer from napster…it says it was syncing and it did…but it doesnt show up on my ipod nano even when i try again it says already in device…so whats wrong with it?

  21. dileep.s says

    to transfer the songs from pc to ipod you have given a simple method.
    but in my pc i have loaded itunes software and installed it every thing is over but all the songs in my pc are not visible in my itunes library.
    so how can i drag them or open the folder.

  22. b.r. says

    I have music on my pc which is organised in various folders such as ‘classical’, ‘pop’ etc.

    How can I transfer the entire folders on to ipod.

    If I transfer the folders to Itunes, it shows the individual music files list and not the folder as in Explorer.

    So how can I maintain the same system as in windows explorer i.e. folders and files inside the folders?