How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod Using iTunes

How to get music from your computer to your Apple iPod music player.

Note: This tutorial has been updated for Apple iTunes 11.

  1. Download and install iTunes .
  2. If the music you wish to copy is not yet in iTunes, you can drag and drop the song files or folders with the music files to the iTunes window. The music files will then be added to the iTunes library.
    Dragging MP3 files to iTunes
  3. Once your music is in iTunes, attach your iPod to the computer. You can then start dragging items to the right side of the window. The items on your iPod will expand on the right side as you are dragging songs where you can drop them.
    If you have the sidebar enabled, you can do it the old fashioned way and drag items to the device listed on the left side. If nothing is happening when you drag songs, you may have to go to Summary and check the Manually manage music and videos box.
    Dragging music to iPodNote: The first time you connect an iPod to a computer, it may ask you to setup the device with a name and a few other preferences.
  4. Select the iPod button in the upper-right corner.
  5. Select Sync button in the lower-right corner.

It can take a while for music files to sync. You can see the progress of the file transfer at the top of the iTunes screen. When you are done moving files to the iPod, you can eject it by pressing the eject icon next to the device on the left side.