Enable Voice Memo Syncing on iPhone or iPad

Sync the Voice Memos from your iPhone or iPad over to iTunes and listen to them on your computer using these steps.

iTunes 11 and higher

1. Connect the device to the computer.

2. Select the “iPhone” or “iPod” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. Select the “Music” tab.

4. Check the “Include voice memos” box. You can then select “Sync“.


iTunes 10 and lower versions

1. Connect the device to the computer.

2. In iTunes, click the iPhone or iPad in the sidebar.

3. Click the “Music” tab.

4. Check the “Include voice memos” box.

5. Click “Apply“.



The “Include voice memos” button is grayed out. Why can’t I select it?

That means you are setup to specifically control what syncs to your device. You should be able to just select the “Sync” button from the iPhone or iPad screen, and a prompt should appear that says “The iPhone contains new voice memos. Would you like to copy these voice memos to your iTunes library?“. Select “Yes” and they should sync over.

If you want iTunes to manage which items sync with your device, select the “Sync Music” check box. The “Include voice memos” check-box will then light up where you can check or uncheck it.


Where can I find the Voice Memo recordings in iTunes?

They are mixed in with your music. Select “Music” in the menu toward the upper-left corner. They are labeled with the “Artist” of “iPhone“, and an “Album” name of “Voice Memos


My Voice Memos still aren’t syncing. What do I do?

Some users have found that they have to trim their voice memos before they will sync over to iTunes. Open the “Voice Memos” app on the device, then select the “Menu” button. From there, tap the arrow next to the recording that isn’t syncing, then select “Trim Memo” > “Trim Voice Memo“. Once you’ve done that, try to sync again.


  1. wayne says

    I found the solution on another forum (source is at bottom)…but basically I noticed that if i created a fresh new voice memo and then synced…then it worked. So the problem then became that older voice memos weren’t syncing..
    so the solution is to:-
    go to each old memo and TRIM it (see the little blue arrow, far right of each memo..click on that arrow and trim by 1 second)..then when you sync ..it sees the voice memo as a new one and syncs it fine

    source: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=9692256

  2. keno says

    Voice memos playlist is not showing up and I cant find my memos anywhere in itunes (which, by the way, is the least user friendly program in the freakin universe!)

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