Block Certain Web Sites Via Your Linksys WRT54G Series Router

My girlfriend was spending all of my money on She would browse the site night and day looking for things to buy. So I decided to put a stop to that by blocking the site via my Linksys router that we both use to access the Internet. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Login to your router by going to the IP address of it in your web browser. By default, it’s usually

2. Click Access Restrictions.

3. In the drop down at the top of the screen, you can select which policy number you want to use. In this example, it’s 2 because I am already using 1 for a different policy.

4. Give the policy a name. I have named it Block Urban Outfitters in this example.

5. Click the Edit List of PCs button. It will bring up a window where you can specify which computers/connections to apply this rule to. You can do it by the network card MAC address or the IP address of the computer you wish to block. I prefer to use MAC address, because the IP address may change from day to day. The MAC address is usually listed on the network card. Click Save Settings when you’re done.

Linksys Block PCs

5. In the Website Blocking by URL Address, you can type the web address you would like to block. In my example, I have typed

Here is a screen shot of all my settings.

You can have up to 4 web addresses blocked per policy. If you want more, just create another policy. You can also specify keywords for a web site and block viewing of web sites with certain words.

6. Be sure to click Save Settings when you are done.

Now the woman will have to find another site to spend all my money on. :)


  1. Paul says

    Took a while for me, but it worked in the end.

    For me, I can’t put the full address in the URL address box. So if I wanted to block, I would just write ‘yahoo’. If I put more, it doesn’t work.

    For those of you getting ‘invalid entry’ (I’m a different Paul than the first guy who had that problem), I can answer that one… you need to put a Policy Name in that text box. You can’t just leave it blank.

  2. joe says

    Hey Great tut. But what if i wanted to display a message in their browser when they accessed the site ?

  3. Pissedoffguy says

    this is annoying. My router is a WRT150N. When I go to block a specific URL, the space only allows me to enter in 22 characters. Useless for specific URLs… I cant believe how stupid this function is,..

  4. joanna says

    MSN says it is Yahoo’s fault, but the message said it was due to complaints of spam. Since I just got the yahoo account, that isn’t the case. I have a Live account, a hotmail account and a yahoo account and can’t even send back and forth to myself. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

  5. shain says

    no dear you can enter the site name and it will close only slected site for want to block Google then enter the url. and then save & apply. then try to open all sites are opened axcept google. try and enjoy…

  6. Brian says

    I’m assuming sometimes the config panel of your router is either slow or doesn’t like to load or if it does it is not all there, in order to solve this problem reboot your router cause its a problem with the original firmware that does this and can be fixed temporarily be rebooting it or update your firmware by finding your router and version number on the linksys site to download and upload under aministration panel tab firmware upgrade. But if updating firmware is not done correctly it can brick your device, but this can be undone, but i’d recommend if your going to do it have someone whos knows how to do it to do it

  7. Najma says

    But in my linksys router the space to enter the url is grey and i cannot enter anything, anyhelp is appreciated.


  8. Nick says

    is there any way to block it from all of the computers constantly whether a new one enters or leaves?

  9. Sam says

    you can do one better for the shopaholic wife or girlfriend. Just block the HTTPS site. that way they can shop all they want, but when they get ready to checkout…the site it blocked!

  10. Josh says

    First, thanks for the tips, I’m able to block a specific website or URL for the whole week, but don’t know how to set it up on specific day.
    I want block a website with only weekdays, excluding weekend, any tips is appreciated!

  11. Bifferoo says

    Thanks for the tips guys, and to the original poster as well. Now my staff can’t waste their entire days on Facebook. I laughed my head off though when you blocked it to prevent a shopaholic… good one!

    Tip: At first I couldn’t get it to work because I stupidly forgot to enable the new policy. By default, your new policy is disabled.

    If anyone knows how to block MSN Messenger (and Yahoo) via this router as well, please post it.

    Much appreciated!

  12. dex says

    That you guys for posting you comments as this allowed me to configure the router properly. Thanks to the original poster too. Just a point the default ip for the router is I think u have a typo in yours.

  13. ed says

    for steve, 9 nov 09: you may be entering incorrect range. go to the settings tab and see what the range is
    192.168.0.### and number of pcs (#Y)..then go back to the access page and set the range from ### to ‘number of pcs minus 1)(#Y-1)

  14. steve says

    How can I block all pcs? including wireless access? I tried setting the IP address range from 0-254 to handle all dynamically allocated addresses but it didn’t work.

  15. Ray says

    Don’t select a service (don’t block any service) just block the website by typing in the site specific url or a keyword.

  16. Gabi says

    ^ exactly. I tried doing this and it blocks all the URLs! how to block only selected ones?

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