Block Connections to Your Linksys Router by MAC Address

I have a cheap laptop with a cheap integrated wireless card. No matter what I try, I cannot get it to work with a secured wireless connection. The only way for it to connect is to leave my wireless connection open. This lets all of my neighbors in on my connection though. After I found my neighbor using my connection to share torrents day and night, I decided I had to figure out something. I first tried to use the Access Restrictions feature, but found that only blocked the Internet. People could still connect to my network. Then I discovered my Linksys WRT54G router has a Wireless MAC Filter feature. I was able to secure my wireless connection by only allowing certain MAC addresses to connect to my router.

1. First I logged into the admin console of my Linksys router and clicked on Status > Local Network > DHCP Clients Table.

This provides me with a list of computers that have been using my wireless connection. I want to allow my computer techpoint to connect as well as my Tivo. I don’t know what computer is using the IP address of with the MAC address of 00:17:9A:D0:03:3D, I need to block that guy!

DHCP Active IP Table

2. I left the DCHP Active IP Table open and then back in the admin console clicked Wireless > Wireless MAC Filter.

Wireless MAC Filter

3. Clicking Enable then Permit only will enable only certain MAC addresses to connect. Then click on Edit MAC Filter List.

4. Add the MAC addresses you would like to allow on your network. Notice I left off the 00:17:9A:D0:03:3D MAC address because I don’t want that dude connecting to my router. But I want to allow the other 2 addresses on the DHCP Active IP Table. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to click Save Settings when you are done.

MAC address Filter List

5. Click Save Settings again and that’s it! You have blocked people from stealing your network connection based on MAC address.

If you ever have visitors that would like allow on your router, you can either temporarily set the MAC address filter to Disabled or add their MAC address to this list.


  1. Frank Z. says

    This is for Alvin (although it’s a bit late!). If you want more MAC addresses, check to see if your Linksys router supports an upgrade to the DD-WRT system. If so, install it as a firmware upgrade, and you should see more MAC address slots.

  2. Kaitain says

    Of course you can change the password. And there is absolutely no way the third guy (or the second) will know it until you tell them. Windows 7 cannot pick up a new password just because it used to have the old one. No system could do that.

  3. Alvin says

    How to put additional MAC Address list in LINKSYS wireless router…Instead of 50 MAC Address, I want to increase it in 100 MAC Address….

    Anybody, can help me on how to increase my MAC Address list…


  4. marry says

    but i have another problem. i gave wireless access to my neighbour. and he gave the password to his friend. i want to block the third person. if i give cable connection to my neighbour, will it work? i think changing the password will not work in this case since windows 7 can show the encrypted password of wireless.

  5. colapsys says

    dude ur not safe with mac filtering ! he can see what clients are connected to your router, and than he replicates ( clone ) your mac address ( one mac address that connects to your router ) after that your router will let him connect and tadaa the intruder is back , using your internet connection and more … my advice is to buy a dongle wifi card and use encryption on your router wpa/wpa2 and a big complicated password ( ex: Awd#413!!$%#$^&^&(()UYRGRTW3424 ). he will need a lot of time ( like 100 years ) to crack that password.

  6. Judy says

    I am having trouble adding mac address for iphone – got my husband’s set up but when I try to add mine, it says it cannot config same mac address. Very frustrated at this point.

  7. dizzy2 says

    thanks dude ill be sure to change my mac address to the same one as the host pc on my neighbors router so they cant block me this is all i needed to know to keep getting the internet free without worrying about being blocked thanks again ^^ btw if you need to access the router type the ip address in and google the model for passwords

  8. Kathy says

    Thanks this is all I needed to let the “potential” customers I have manually remove unwanted users from their router over the phone. Very good information and easy to follow with the screen shot instructions. Awesome job!

  9. JREYNA says

    Dude!!! that was real helpful. but i keep noticing that after a day or so, some people are able to get back on my wireless connection that aren’t on the list. How I can i keep ’em from accessing my internet?

  10. TKidd says

    It sure has, come to find out i had about 20 iphone users using my linksys for their WiFi..

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