Android: Block Text Messages From Specific Person

You can block text messages from a specific number or contact on your Android device with a third-party solution.

1. Download and install Handcent SMS for your text messaging needs. It’s available in the Android Market.

2. Since you’ll be using Handcent for text messaging, disable the Messaging notifications. Otherwise, you’ll get 2 notifications for text messages.

3. While viewing the list of text messages, tap and hold your finger on the contact or number you wish to block from sending you messages, and select Blacklist.

Blacklist selection

4. Tap OK to confirm.

Now all of the text messages from that person will be blocked and not visible in the app. You won’t get notifications you’ve received a message from the person either. If you ever want to unblock the person, open Menu > Settings and check Show blacklist. The person will be show again and you can then tap and hold the user, then select Unblacklist.


Sending an Automatic Reply

If you want to let a person know they have been blocked, you will need to download and install SwiftReply. SwiftReply will allow you to setup an auto reply for specific Contacts.

1. Ensure the mobile number you wish to block is listed in your Contacts.

2. Open SwiftReply and tap the plus icon to make a new auto-reply.

3. Type the name you would like to use for the reply and the text you would like to send to the person.

SwiftReply create auto reply message

4. Scroll down and select Enable User Filter > Contacts.

SwiftReply enable user filter

5. Tap Add and choose the people in your Contacts list that you would like to receive the reply. Tap Done when your list is complete.

SwiftReply Contacts

6. Tap Save, then tap Off to turn the auto-reply on.

SwiftReply Turn auto-reply on

The specified people will now receive your message automatically and Handcent will block them from your view.


  1. len says

    I found an app that works by not blocking, but also sending original message back to sender called TEXT BOUNCER!

  2. love says

    It is not hiding my blacklisted items. It doesnt notify me, but they still show up in gray even when they should be hidden :(

  3. mIsty says

    I have one complaint about this app. First week was great loved it but by the second week of having this app on my phone it was send Texts to random contacts in my phone which were intended for my husband. Not good! I had never had this problem before so I did a reboot and got rid of all 3 party apps.

  4. Larry says

    I’d like to see a block feature that lets the sender know messages have been blocked, once and for all! Better yet, take the sender’s unwanted messages and send them right back to the original source.

  5. rip says

    ”Jon says:
    December 22, 2010 at 8:57 pm
    All it does is just hide the message from being viewed and stop the notification from happening. It doesn’t reject the message, you still receive it.”

    Does this mean that if i wanted to I could look up the message and read it if by chance I wanted to?

  6. Mike says

    Same as Lynda’s issue: after blacklisting a contact, the message is hidden, but I still get SMS ringtone. Any ideas?

  7. Lynda says

    After blacklisting I can not see text from this person but I still get notifications when they come in.

  8. Jon says

    All it does is just hide the message from being viewed and stop the notification from happening. It doesn’t reject the message, you still receive it.

  9. shelby says

    will the person that is blocked still think their messages are coming to u or will thier messages show that its not sending?

  10. CMP says

    This app is great and just what I was looking for to stop unwanted texts. Plus it has some great features for the texts I DO want to receive. Thanks!!

  11. Nyl says

    This APP is awesome. so glad i don’t get thoses texts anymore. They would send it automatically every hours and an so tired of deleting the texts. Thanks guy for all your help.

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