Samsung Galaxy S6: Enable or Disable Safe Mode

Some Samsung Galaxy S6 users have found that when they enable Safe Mode on the phone, they cannot figure out how to get it back to start up normally. Here’s a tutorial on how to turn Safe Mode on or off.

Get Out of Safe Mode

  1. Power off the phone as you normally would by pressing and holding the “Power” button.
  2. Choose “Power off“.

When you’re ready, power the S6 back on. The device should now start normally and no longer be in Safe Mode.

Start in Safe Mode

  1. Power the phone off.
  2. Turn the phone back on while pressing and holding the “Volume Down” button.
  3. Keep holding the “Volume Down” button until the Home screen loads. The lower-left corner should say “Safe Mode“.


My device still starts in Safe Mode and I don’t want it to. Why is this happening?

It is possible that your “Volume Down” button is stuck. Ensure your screen is properly cleaned. If you recently installed apps onto your phone, try uninstalling them while in Safe Mode as some apps can cause the phone to get stuck in this state.


  1. steve says

    My S6 rebooted into safemode after installing the stagefright security patch, and restarting or turning off did not do the trick. After reading this post and a couple others I made sure the volume button wasn’t stuck down and restarted again to no avail. Finally in a last ditch effort I rebooted, this time pressing the volume up button and it worked.

  2. dennis says

    My s6 went into safe mode cause I was watching a video and the battery depleted. I took it out of safe mode but all my apps are still missing. Do I have to reinstall them or is there something I can do to re store them.

  3. Zmooth says

    I have same problem and it’s true that my low volume button is stucked for quite some time.

    A new fone though so it means replacement.

    Too bad

  4. Jbb says

    My s6 got stuckn in safe mode after about a week of use. After hours with Verizon tech support and Samsung tech support, I was told to either send it in or go to a Verizon store for a reflash. the store said they cannot do that but did offer to replace the phone. They did not have the 128gb in stock so I will have to do it via post.

  5. Lynn says

    My phone is still stuck in Safe Mode and my Volume Down is stuck. I tried cleaning the screen, uninstalled apps, and the problem still persists. Any other solutions before I reset? Thanks.

  6. Tracy says

    The same thing happened to me. It is very rustrating. I would like to know what safe mode is. Thanks.

  7. Gudmund says

    My s6 was experiencing some glitches and overheating. I rebooted into safe mode and it got better. Then when I turned safe mode off, I lost all the changes that I had made to my front pages such as creating folders for apps and what not. All the apps I have downloaded are still on the phone … just not where i put them. Is there a way to recover the changes I made? Or do I have to just re-create everything at this point?

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