Fix: Android App Widgets Not Appearing On Widget List

My Droid 1 now runs the Gingerbread version of Android thanks to a Cyanogen 7 upgrade. I started having a problem with my widgets since the upgrade though. App widgets were not showing up in the widget list. I had all of the standard widgets like Music, News & Weather and Power Control, but no option for Facebook, Twitter or any other apps I installed.

standard Android widgets

It turns out that this is a feature of Gingerbread where widgets are blocked for apps that are installed to the SD card. This was my problem since I had just moved all of my apps the SD card to save space.

To resolve this issue, the app had to be moved back to the memory of the phone using these steps:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Select Applications > Manage applications.

3. Select the app that isn’t showing up in the widgets list.

4. Tap the Move to phone button.

App move to phone option

Repeat these steps for any other apps you are experiencing the same issue with.

After I performed these steps on the Twitter app, I once again had the option to add the Twitter widget.

Twitter widget shows

Cyanogen has a feature where it installs apps to the SD card by default. To avoid this problem with other apps, I went under Settings > CyanogenMod settings > Application > Install location and changed it back to Automatic.



  1. Dawn says

    Weather widget disappeared after I installed the sim card. Thanks to this fix I’ve got it back!

  2. Hammad says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!. I have chosen the option to install apps to external storage, then I forgot it and the I came to know that my widget apps are not working! I just checked this fix and its WORkING! thanks!!! :)

  3. Jing says

    Thank you for this idea, it worked for me! I have been trying different things and re-installing apps for days. But this did the trick!

  4. Farjad Abdullah says

    My phone has Gingerbread for default and it was the same problem for me . Thanks to you This is Solved .. Keep posting solutions like this.. THANK YOU !!

  5. Jonathan Marlowe says

    This worked perfectly for me. I have dumped Feedly in the past because I couldn’t get the widget to work… this solution brought the widget back to me and now I am a happy man!

  6. Tyler Collier says

    Thank you!!!! Worked for me with Winamp. It was so frustrating wondering what had gone wrong and why I wasn’t allowed to install the winamp widget (it didn’t show up in the list of widgets). As soon as I tried your solution, it worked. Awesome.

  7. Ryan says

    Thanks for this, but it doesn’t solve the problem for everyone; even on a fresh install of Cyan, and all my apps on the internal card, I still have no Gmail widget.

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