Windows 10: Set Different Wallpaper For Dual Displays

Personalizing your Microsoft Windows 10 computer with a custom desktop background is a cool way to see pictures of your partner, a holiday or just some cute dogs. When you have a dual monitor set-up though, you can choose to display a second background picture on the second monitor.

To set a desktop background you need to go to the Windows Personalize settings in the settings app, to get there right-click on the desktop and select “Personalize”.

Personalise Option

From these settings, you can select your desktop background from a range of pre-installed default options, or you can browse your hard drive to choose a picture of your own.

Setting an image

Once you’ve found the picture you want, if you right-click it, a box will appear to ask on which monitor you set that picture as the background.

Setting the second screen

Choose two different pictures and which monitor you want them on and you’re all set with your snazzy new dual monitor set up.

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