Fix Zoom: Another Meeting in Progress Error

Zoom users may sometimes get an error message that says, “The Host has another meeting in progress.” The only problem is that the host is not actually engaged in another meeting.  Let’s see why this error message occurs in the first place and how to get rid of it.

Zoom Says the Host Is in Another Meeting

What Causes This Error?

If you’re using the same title for multiple meetings, Zoom may get confused. It’s as if you were in an endless meeting. That’s why you should always use a new title for your meetings.

Additionally, don’t forget to end your meetings properly. If you simply leave the meeting instead of ending it, Zoom may detect you’re still active.

Furthermore, when you launch your meetings, sign in to your account and hit the Start button. Clicking on the meeting invite link may sometimes confuse Zoom. Oftentimes, this error occurs if you set up recurring meetings on your profile.

Solutions to Fix This Error

End Active Meetings and Restart Your Computer

If the other meeting attendees are informed you’re in another meeting, exit Zoom and restart your computer. This will establish a new connection between your device and Zoom’s servers.

If you did not properly end your previous meeting, log in to your Zoom account on a browser. Locate the meeting that’s still going and use the End Meeting option to end it.

Disable Recurring Meetings

Keep in mind that recurring meetings can start without the host. So, if you set up recurring meetings and the attendees already joined the session, Zoom may mistakenly think you did too. If someone else is using that recurring meeting and you forgot about it, don’t be surprised if Zoom says there’s another meeting in progress.

By the way, if you’re an admin, go to the dashboard and check what meetings are active.

Use Your Personal Meeting ID

Ensure you check the “Use my personal meeting ID” option. So, instead of hitting the New meeting option, use the drop-down arrow and check your personal meeting ID. You’re basically telling Zoom that you intend to use your personal meeting ID in the meeting.


If Zoom mistakenly thinks you’re in another meeting, ensure you’re not using the same title for all your meetings. Then log in to your account on a browser and use the End meeting option for any meetings that are still active.

Did you manage to fix this Zoom error? Use the comments below and let us know if the solutions listed in this guide worked for you.

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  • I have started having this problem in recent meetings. Only one other person, but when she tries to join she is told I am "in another meeting." I am not. I have even checked "allow to join without the host" but that did not work.
    None of the suggestions here have worked. I have no recurring meetings and I checked my account, my iPhone and my iPad.
    Does ANYONE know how to fix this?

  • I found out that zoom was signed in on my phone and my laptop, therefore my invitees could not get into the meeting because they kept getting a message that another meeting was in sessions. I signed out of my zoom account on my phone, and yay, people could then get into my invite.
    Did not see this solution anywhere in the advice. So I would try this easy solution and see if it works for you,

  • I have all the problems as the previous comments. It is only recently happened. I have to close off my start up on the PC and access the session on my Ipad. The participants are already on line although the waiting room option is set. Subsequent participants then appear in the waiting room awaiting access.. Just as annoying is the fact that the sound on the ipad has been muted.

  • Can zoom post some reply to the question we all have.' We keep getting the message the host has another meeting in progress. which we have not.

  • I'm now having the same problem. I wonder if anyone has solved it yet. It is very embarrassing.

    I have successfully used the same method of scheduling a meeting from December 2020 to July 2021. Invitees have joined the meetings with no problem. This is how:

    I would schedule the meeting on my Desktop zoom using ‘Schedule meeting’ and enter new details and send invites to people via hotmail the day before.

    If, for instance, I had scheduled the meeting for 7-30 pm then on the day I would sign into my iPad at 7-15 pm and start the meeting and then admit participants via the Waiting Room.

    However, now I follow the same routine but Participants get a message saying ‘The Host is in another meeting’.

    I am not in another meeting.
    I have no other meetings scheduled.
    I have no recurring meetings scheduled.
    I have Ended previous meetings correctly.
    I have changed the names of meetings.
    I am using zoom version 5.7.4 ( 827 )

    I’ve tried the Zoom help and its Community forum with no success.

  • I have started having this issue this. Was unable to join a meeting this Tuesday. Missed the meeting.

    Then today (Thursday) had the problem repeat itself on today's meeting. Finally after several minutes lost others were able to join the meeting who had the same issue, same error message.

    Been to 100s of meetings, never had this problem before. Could there be a software glitch of some type?

    After 2 meetings in a row impacted need to know if there is a fix or will be forced to find a more reliable platform. Is there an outstanding case being worked with a. ETA ?


  • We use Zoom for teaching and one of the accounts constantly has this problem. None of the suggestions works as the names of the meetings are not the same, and the meeting doesn't even show as started even when the host has already started it.. It's so annoying and stressful..

  • The host set up a recurring registration required meeting. Some people were able to join without an issue and others were not. I would also add that one of the participants was authorized to claim host key since original host could not attend meeting and it was necessary to utilize breakout rooms. This was done on previous occasions. So not sure why some got host has another meeting message and others did not!

  • I have the same issue as Roger, can't figure out what's the problem... maybe something in the settings?

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