XBox 360: Find MAC Address

If you need to find the MAC Address to your XBox 360, you can use these steps to locate it within the system’s menus.

1. Select System settings.

2. Select Network settings.

3. Connect to a network that isn’t using a MAC adress filter. Use any network temporarily if you have to. If you don’t connect to a network of some kind, the MAC Address will not display.

4. Go back into your network and select Configure Network.

5. Select the Additional Settings tab.

XBox 360 Basic Settings


6. Bring down your cursor on Advanced Settings, Host Name, Alternate MAC Address and select it.

XBox 360 Additional Settings Screen

The MAC Address for your Xbox 360 is displayed on the left side of the screen in a format like 12AB34CD56EF. When you go to provide this information in another system, you may have to type it in the normal format of 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF. Select Done when you’re finished.

XBox 360 MAC Address Screen

Note: You don’t have to worry about the Alternate MAC Address in most cases. This is only used if your Internet connection is accessed through your computer instead of a router.


Thanks to Chris Edwards for help in updating this post.


  1. Gustavo says

    Simply thanks so much Mitch!!! You are awesome!!! The step 3 was very helpful for me. Thanks again!

  2. xbox360 says

    My XBox360 Slim uses the same mac address for both wired and wireless connections.

    When using a wired connection, it disables the wireless connection.

    This is very strange to me as each NIC should really have its own MAC; however, my router records the MAC that is displayed in the console when either wired or wireless is selected.

    After entering that MAC to my routers mac filtering list, the XBox fails to connect. When mac filtering is disabled, it connects. I suspect that it may be due to only having one MAC shared by both NICs.

  3. Paulo says

    Simply, try yo connect in a MAC filtered network and when the connection fail, hit next suggestion in the troubleshoot screen until the mac be displayed. Easy…

  4. Scott says

    XBOX does not give me the option to type the colons or dashes for a WIRELESS MAC address input. How do you get by this?

  5. Luke says


    Find out what format your school requires for the MAC address. The xbox 360 shows it as a block of hexadecimal characters, but certain applications require you to format the information differently, with separators between the octets (six sets of two characters).

    For example:
    Xbox 360 may show the MAC address as 12AB34CD56EF

    A router may require you to enter the address as 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF or 12-AB-34-CD-56-EF

    This is completely dependent on the software that you are using, so try and see if you can find an entry that is already formatted as an example.

  6. Daniel says

    It say my xbox mac address isnt valid when i try to register it either. I dont know why it is not working i have made sure everything is how it is supose to be.

  7. Dave says

    Just an FYI to everyone, for what ever reason the MAC address I had to use to acquire a wireless connection was actually the one for the “Ethernet” or wired MAC address.

    This is a totL SNAFU on MS’s part in my opinion

  8. Roberto says

    i have tried to put my xbox 3600 mac address to my router so that it will allow it but it says that it is an invalid mac address and i was just wondering how to fix that

    i am using a wired connection and my router is a bt voyager

  9. Shiggedy says

    This has changed since the advent of NXE.
    From the “My Xbox” channel, go to System Settings > Network Settings > Configure Network > Additional Settings > Advanced Settings. Here it will show you your wired MAC address.
    If you have a wireless adapter and need to find the address of that (especially if you’re using MAC filtering on your wireless router), follow the above steps and open the Wireless Information in the Advanced Settings menu.
    Here, you’ll find the name of the device, as well as the MAC address, Serial number and Firmware Version.

  10. bpekhoul says

    georgia grimes
    “MAC address” stands for Media Access Control address. it is a unique number used by Manufacturers to identify their network adaptors or interface cards.
    It is a hexdecimal code and usually comprises of 12 characters long (as you stated on your comment).

  11. georgia grimes. says

    i dont even no what a mac address is , and when ii enter something all it says is …, the alternate MAC address you entered is not valid. This address must be 12 characters long and contain the letters A-F and numbers 0-9 only. The second digit must be an even number or the letters A,C or E.

    if you get this please let mee know what to do :-) thankyou.

  12. kyoung says

    the mac address is in hex… 1-0 a-f so any 0 is a zero not the letter “O” the xbox should be detected s a media extention on windows…?

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