Word 2013: Password Protect Your Document File

Learn how to set your document so that a password is required to view or modify it with these steps.

  1. With the document you wish to password protect open, select “File” > “Info“.
  2. Select the “Protect Document” option (icon with a lock)
  3. Choose “Encrypt with password“.
    Word Password Protect
  4. Type the password you wish to use, then select “OK“.
  5. Type the password again, then select “OK“.

Save the file in the docx format. It will then be password protected.


How do I remove the password from the file?

Open the file, type the required password, then go to “File” > “Info” > “Protect Document” > “Encrypt with password“, then simply remove the password and click “OK“. Be sure to save the file, and it will not require a password the next time it is opened.

My email system won’t allow me to send this file. What do I do?

Try to zip the file using Winzip or WinRAR, then send the zipped file via email.

I have set encryption, but when I open the document again, it isn’t prompting me for a password. Why?

You probably saved the fileĀ in a format that supports encryption like Rich Text Format (RTF). Save the file as “Word Document (*.docx)“.

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