How to Insert Page Numbers into Word 2013 & 2010 Documents

Easily insert page numbers into the top or bottom page margins of your Microsoft Word 2013 or 2010 documents easily with this tutorial.

  1. Select the “Insert tab, and then select the “Page Number” icon.
  2. Select to location you wish the page number to appear in.
    • Top of Page
    • Bottom of Page
    • Page Margins
    • Current Position
  3. Select the style of number you wish to use.
  4. If you want to change the numbering style or starting number, select “Format Page Numbers“. When done select “OK“.

Add Page Number in Office 2010

Page numbers will generate automatically and will stay consistent even when you insert or remove a page from your Word document.

Note: In Word 2013 and 2010, you can customize the options on each tab. If the “Page Numbers” option is missing from Word, it may have been removed. You can add it back by selecting the “Customize Quick Access” arrow, then selecting “More commands…” at the upper-left portion of the window. From there select “Quick Access Toolbar” to modify the options available. If you want to take the easy way, just select the “Reset” button.


  1. Terry says

    No matter what I do, I cannot get continuous page numbers to print in my document. I have two column pages and the bottom margins appear ok. Please help!

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