Word 2010/2007: How to Insert Page Numbers

Here are the steps if you wish to insert page numbers into your Microsoft Word 2010 or 2007 document.

1. Select the Insert tab, and then select the Page Number icon.

2. Select to location you wish the page number to appear in.

  • Top of Page
  • Bottom of Page
  • Page Margins
  • Current Position

3. Select the style of number you wish to use.

Add Page Number in Office 2010

4. If you want to change the numbering style or starting number, click Format Page Numbers. When done click OK.


  1. Tony Newman says

    I have a word file with page numbering starting at 227. From page 246 is the two column index. But at that point the page numbers go wonky repeat numbers of repeat first page number 227 again – I assume due to some disconnect with the column pages. How do I get it to work properly with page numbers in proper numerical sequence right to the end of the document?

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