Word 2010/2007: Insert Date that Updates Itself Automatically

If you have a template or other type of document that regularly requires the date to be updated, you can make Microsoft Word 2010 or 2007 display a date that automatically updates. This is much easier than remembering to update it manually yourself.

1. Select the Insert tab.

2. Under the Text group, click Quick Parts > Field.

Quick Parts, Insert Field

3. Under the Categories box, click Date and Time.

Select field names and format

4. In the Field names box, select CreateDate, PrintDate, or SaveDate.

5. Select the date and time format that you want in the Date formats box.

6. Click OK when ready.

Now the date in your document will be inserted into the document and will update automatically based on the selection you made whenever you print or save the Word 2010 or 2007 document.


  1. Bryan Morgan says

    When I use the SaveDate function, it won’t automatically update the date field when I save the File. It only works when I initially use the steps that you listed. Is there a way for it to auto update?

  2. jennifer says

    I wonder if this process will update all word documents, not just the one I’m working on now.

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