Word 2010/2007: Enable/Disable AutoSave

AutoSave is a feature in Word 2010 or 2007 that automatically saves your document at certain intervals just in case your PC malfunctions in the middle of your work. AutoSave can be enabled or disabled by using the following steps:

1. Word 2010 users, select File > Options. Word 2007 users select the Microsoft Office Button and click the Word Options button.

Word Options selection

2. Click Save on the left pane.

Word Save Options selection

3. Now you can uncheck the box for Save AutoRecover information every x minutes if you wish to disable the AutoSave feature. Check the box to enable it. You can also set the length of time in between when Word saves AutoSave data.

AutoSave Options


  1. dan says

    The auto recover file is deleted when you exit out of Word. The auto save file is not. Does anyone know if Word 2007 has the AUTO SAVE feature?

  2. Piero Caiazza says

    Auto save in Word 2003 is not the same as Auto recovery in word 2007. Autosave was an add-in product that automatically saves your document so that if you accidently closed down your word document without saving the document then it would still have the information you had forgotten to save when you reopen the file. This is different to Autorecover in word 2007, Auto recovery only kicks in if there is a power outage, and/or your battery goes flat if you’re using a laptop, etc, it does not recover your information if you have accidently closed the file without saving it first.

    My question to anyone out there is this (as my IT help desk does not know the difference either so they cannot provide me with a solution either) is there an add-in feature similar to word 2003 to add the auto save function if you accidently close down your file without saving it first?

  3. nost says

    what is meant by Autosave is a feature that creates backup, and is available in Word.

    Advanced, Save section…

  4. User says

    AUTORECOVER IS auto save, it saves information for RECOVERING a file if it is lost. so every XX:XX minutes it saves the new file information and if your computer crashes you can recover it like wise if you close the program with out saving an ALREADY saved file. You must save the file first for this to take place.

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