Word 2007: Password Protect Your Document File

How to set your document so that a password is required to view or modify it.

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Save As.

2. Click Tools, and then click General Options.

3. You can type a password in Password to open or Password to modify.

4. Click OK.

5. When prompted, retype your passwords to confirm them, and click OK.

6. Click Save.


  1. Sada says

    please find below options

    1 ) Got office button — > Goto Prepare button — > Encrypt Document

    then give password…

  2. Mitch says

    You can rename the file with a .txt extension or perhaps zipping the file with WinZip will work.

  3. Cam says

    I have encrypted my document using “Prepare”, then “encrypt document”, entered a password, repeated the password, saved the document, tested it out by closing and reopening it. That all works fine. Now, I tried sending it over hotmail and it won’t upload because Hotmail says it has an error in it and it can’t be checked for viruses. What should I do folks?

  4. Chad says

    Go to review tab and click protect document (can be pin to task bar) enter password, re-enter password document now can not be edited


    Simply Click on the Windows button where normal save options are listed, then Under Print you can see
    PREPARE —> select ENCRYPTION —> Type password and retype it there you go MicrosoftWord 2007 & 2010 is PASSWORD protected….

    Being SIMPLE is really COMPLEX

  6. manivannn says

    For Word 2007 it is wrong, click on the office button(top left corner) go to prepare and then click on encrypt document put password for two times

  7. Jeeva says

    This works for the new files that we save but how do we protect a PPT presentation or Excel documents that are already existing?

  8. Cathy says

    I am trying to do this in Windows 7 and it does not give me the option to password modify nor does it give me the option to read only. help

  9. nberlanga says

    You have to **CLICK** on save as, don’t just put your mouse over it to see the other options. You should be at the screen where you choose a location to save the file. At the bottom, to the left of the “Save As” button, you will see the “Tools” option.

  10. Vince says

    Thanks for the info! Both options given here worked for me. It was easier to find in Office 2003 but I’m happy I can do this now.

  11. Olivier says

    Thanks for help, for me its works to lock my docs with this
    -Click the Office Button
    -Choose Prepare
    -Choose Encrypt Document
    -Enter Password
    -Save Document as Normal

    -Re-Open Document to Test

  12. Dipendra Pariyar says

    This really helped me a lot. In 2010 I think the same process. Go to file and save when save window appears then you see at the bottom u c tools then go to General Options.

  13. Shhh says

    The difference between password protection and encryption is:

    Encryption: your message is converted, using some intelligent maths, to a non-readable, and very hard to understand format. That is no one can understand by looking at the encrypted text which is often combination of numbers and letters. It is not a child’s play to break that code.

    Password protection: no one can open the file without first providing the password. Easily breakable.

  14. Amitabh Talukdar says

    There is a easier way to do it in Office 2007 .
    1) Prepare -> Encrypt document
    2)Provide the password
    3) Next time you try to open the document , it will ask for the same password.

  15. dolphinia says

    Ok I am running Windows 7 with Office 2007, the save as menu does have the tools drop down and does give the option for passwords, however when I enter a password and click either save or ok it does not ask for verification of the password and does not save the password, closing the file allows it to open right back up even after restarting the computer. The encryption worked great though.

  16. puja says

    now i protected the file as the original author suggested. when i go back to open it, it shows a blank page.
    how do i view the document and make changes in it, help me out please.

  17. Pam says

    Password protecting used to be so much easier
    I consider myself computer literate but was completely stumped till I googled to this page.

  18. Rob says

    I used Bad Info’s method and it works great in Word 2007 (under Windows 7 RC) but now that I tried it on one of my documents (encrypted and password protected), how can I undo this? lol

  19. joe says

    “I believe the author’s post will only work when using Office 2007 in Windows XP. For users using Office 2007 on Vista will have to use “Bad Info’s” method.”

    Also wrong!! The instructions from the original author are for Office 2007 – doesn’t matter if it’s on a Vista machine or an XP machine – they have nothing to do with the application version. Look a little closer at the Save As… dialog box. Just to the left of the “Save” button is a drop-down menu called Tools!!

  20. Racheal says

    Okay, so now I have a document saved with a password, but I have forgotten it. Anyway to crack the code?

  21. LilPutos says

    I believe the author’s post will only work when using Office 2007 in Windows XP. For users using Office 2007 on Vista will have to use “Bad Info’s” method.

  22. Jonathan says

    The method in the post ‘does’ work but you are better off using the encryption method in the first reply if you really don’t want people going in the document.

  23. Maf says

    I tried to protect a document with a passoword and it actually protected, because it now asks for the password when i try to open it but when i insert the password (which i’m sure is the correct one) it does not open, it says it is not the correct one!
    Then I tried to create another document with another password to test this and the same problem happens again!

    Why does this happen?
    Can it be ecause of a virus?

  24. staka says

    Hey! This was posted in November 2007..
    And first comment was in June 2008.

    Well anyways, it works. Both ways told by original author and by person in comments.

  25. tc says

    I dont quite follow the authors instructions , i dont even see a ‘tools’ tab on word 2007 .
    Try ‘Review’->’Protect Document’-> ‘Restricted access’ . that should work

  26. Double D says

    Neither assigning a Password to Open nor choosing Prepare > Encrypt and assigning a password is prompting for a password when re-opening the Word 2007 document …. even if I exit Word 2007 completely.

    Is my install corrupt? It’s a WinXP SP3 machine that was upgraded from XP SP2 at some point after Office 2007 was installed from scratch (Office 2007 was not an upgrade).

  27. LaRon says

    Yes, the author is correct and these ARE for Word 2007. It isn’t until you actually go to save as that you get the “Tools” option that will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the save dialouge box. Click that and then you seen general options.

  28. admin says

    That’s how to encrypt a document. I have verified the steps I wrote for simply password protecting a document again and they do work.

  29. Bad Info says

    The above info is incorrect for Word 2007.

    -Click the Office Button
    -Choose Prepare
    -Choose Encrypt Document
    -Enter Password
    -Save Document as Normal

    -Re-Open Document to Test

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