Windows Phone 7: Copy/Sync Email, Calendar and Contacts From Outlook

So you want to sync your local Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Contacts and email with your Windows Phone 7 device? Well, at the time of this writing, there is no direct solution for that. Windows Phone 7 is designed to work in the cloud. It syncs up with your Windows Live Hotmail account.

Update: It looks like CompanionLink now provides a solution for syncing Outlook and Windows Phone 7 locally. There is a 14-day trial available, and it’s $39.95 if you want to purchase the product.

There is a workaround though. You can add your Hotmail account to Outlook, then manually copy your local Outlook data to the Windows Live Hotmail account from within Outlook, and the data will then update on your phone. It’s a bit of work, but follow these steps if you want to get your data over to your Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

Note: I am using Outlook 2003 for this tutorial, but you should be able to follow along with similar options in Outlook 2007 and 2010.

1. Close Microsoft Outlook if it’s open.

2. Download and install the Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector.

3. Start Outlook and it should prompt you to add a Hotmail account. Click Yes.

Add Hotmail to Outlook prompt

4. Enter the information for the Windows Live Hotmail account you are using with your Windows Phone 7 device. Name, E-mail Address and Password are required. Click Advanced to give the account a name or reply email. Here we gave the account a name of Work.

Hotmail Connector info form

5. Click OK, then OK on the dialog box that appears.

6. Restart Outlook and your Windows Live Hotmail account should show up on the left pane. Mine shows up as Work since that’s what I named it.

Hotmail account in Outlook

7. Now you’ll have to manually move or copy all of your data from your local Outlook account to the “cloud” Windows Live account.


  • Click Mail on the left pane.
  • Go to your local Outlook¬†Inbox.
  • Click Edit > View all to select all email messages or hold down the CTRL key and only select the messages you wish to copy.
  • Click and drag the messages over to the Windows Live Inbox. Using the left mouse button to drag will move the items. Using the right mouse button to drag will provide you with an option to Copy if you want the messages to stay in both places.
  • Repeat the last 2 steps for each mail folder. (i.e. Outbox, Sent Items, etc.)


  • Click Calendar under the local account.
  • View the calendar by Week or Month; whatever is easiest for you.
  • Check the Calendar box on the left pane and the calendar box for your Windows Live account. I named mine Work, so the name is Mitch’s calendar in Work. This will display both calendars side-by-side so we can move them.

Calendar selection in left pane

  • Drag and drop the appointments from your local Outlook Calendar to the Windows Live Calendar. Dragging with the left mouse button to drag will move the item, while dragging with the right mouse button will allow you to select Copy to copy the appointments.

Copying appointments from one calendar to the other


  • Click Contacts on the left pane.
  • View the contacts on your local Outlook account.
  • To copy all of your contacts, select Edit > Select All, or hold down the CTRL key and select only the contacts you wish to move.
  • Drag the selection over to the Windows Live account. Here, mine is listed as Contacts in Work. If you use the left mouse button, the contacts will be moved from your local Outlook account to the Windows Live account. Dragging with the right mouse button to will provide you with an option to Copy them.

Copying contacts

Now if you wish, you can continue to update and use the new Windows Live account you created in Outlook and the data will sync between Outlook and your Windows Phone 7 device automatically.


  1. Matt Turner says

    Keep in mind all of this syncing is using your highly prized highly priced data plan time…

  2. Jack says

    I checked out the provided link. What they do is sync Outlook to Windows Live, which WP then syncs with. And they are charging $49 for this. If I wanted to store my private data in the Windows Live cloud, I would just use Outlook connector and save the $49.

    The only solution I found that does true local sync, is Akruto Sync ( It is also a paid program, costing $19, but it does sync your data without cloud.

  3. Robert says

    A guest in my motel has told me that he regrets getting a windows (Nokia) phone. It won’t either let him transfer address book and when he manually inputs it then won’t let him remove them.

    Is this another Microsoft back door way of collating personal data.

  4. Arturo says

    Hi There! I just buy a phone with android ver 2.3.4 and I have not idea how I can transfer my contact from BB to that phone, because the Google Sync is not compatible with that version… somebody knows how and can tell my about!
    I appreciate so much your help!

  5. Jeff says

    There are a number of problems with the Hotmail Connector:

    1. I had to install it multiple times to get it to work.
    2. If your Company Names are too long or there is too much text in the Comment area, the Hotmail link parses/shortens them.
    3. If you have more than 6,500 names (I have 7,000) and you want them to all sync, you are out of luck.
    4. I never got see if Contact Categories syncs, but I know that it does not sync with Office 365 – my plan ‘B’.

    Considering that I bought a Windows 7.5 phone to seamlessly sync with my Office 2010, I am sorely disappointed. Worse still, I am thoroughly disgusted with the clueless support provided by ATT and Microsoft.

    Happily, I you get a 30 day refund policy, although it won’t take me nearly that long to decide.

  6. ITGuy says

    The whole point of the local live account and folder is to use them inside outlook. the copy procedure outlined is just to make an initial copy of all your calendar/contact/mail information stored in your original outlook file. with that done, you can actually run outlook using only the account defined for the hotmail connector

  7. Cathi says

    I bought this dang phone because I though MS to MS would make it easier to sync. Now I’ve spent hours messing with it and it’s still not working 100% and does seem terribly inefficient. Can’t drag and drop files?? Taking it back, not worth the trouble. MS needs to learn to make their products work together EASILY or they are for sure to lose the war with Google and Droid products…

  8. Brian says

    That is sad that you have to manually copy them over for them to “sync”…and the calendar, you have to copy over each appointment…yuck!

  9. Chris says

    Maybe I’m just old school but I still go by the rule that nothing leaves my computer that I do not want out in the world.
    Cloud, remote storage, open ports for using cameras, printers and files remotely is a security breach just waiting to happen.
    Yes I have a free email account but I keep no real information there.
    If MS doesn’t allow direct Outlook sync in their coming updates I guess I’ll be switching to Android or Blackberry for my next phone.

  10. Larry Cooper says

    I agree whole heartedly about the in ability to sync professionally between Outlook and WP7. Even doing the work around doesn’t allow all of the information to be accessed in WP7 Why can you not call up a company name to dial if the the company name is listed in the company portion of the contact information window. This phone is definitely “NOT” for business professionals “YET” if ever….it is however a toy for kids or kids who are more inclined to be professional wanna be’s. The kid side of me likes it. For business it sucks. I also miss the [choice to saves feature]… that was in the wm6. Thankyou for fixing the append a 1 to numbers that are long distance.

  11. Steve says

    does this mean that if I create a calendar item in my local calendar, that I’ll have to copy it to my “cloud” Live calendar EVERY TIME? This doesn’t seem very efficient. And really won’t work well for me…what if I create the event in my phone? Then do I have to synch to Live, then copy to local? What a crock that will be….may be time to take back my Win7 phone. I like it, but if it can’t seamless synch, it’s gone.

  12. Aman says

    That is why my windows mobile 6.5 is still the best until today. It can sync automatically, had copy and paste, divx support and everything that other platform have.

    Microsoft should update the interface not abandon it.

    The problem with windows mobile 6.5 and below is the THE HARDWARE. Look at HD2. It works beautifully.

  13. Bruce says

    But I don’t want a Hotmail account. My RoadRunner account works just fine. Does that mean I’m out of luck?

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