Windows Media Player: Enabling “Share my media” Does Nothing

This article addresses a problem that may occur when you try to enable media sharing in Windows Media Player. After checking the Share my media option on the Media Sharing window and clicking OK, the computer locks up for a bit and then does nothing. Normally, a window is supposed to open, providing you with the required options to fully enable media sharing.

This problem commonly occurs because Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service may for some reason be disabled. To turn the service back on, perform the following steps.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Open Administrative Tools.

3. Open Services.

4. Find Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service in the list and open it up.

5. Select Automatic for the Startup type. Click Apply.

6. Click the Start button and click OK.

Now try to enable Media Sharing again in Windows Media Player. It should work now and open the window.

If it still doesn’t work, the Universal Plug and Play Device Host and/or the SSDP Discovery Service may need to be enabled as well. Try following these same steps to enable those services.


  1. Amit says

    Thanks a lot.. Had hit a road block and was not knowing what to do.. The steps are really useful

  2. neil says

    about bloody time. the 1st and only website that has ever had useful information for what i am looking for

  3. craig says

    i have been struggling to get my media player to sync with my xbox and this has helped,finally!!!
    yay you beaut!
    many thanks

  4. Ross says

    I realli need your help ! What im trying to do is to download windows media center for my xbox and ive been following the rules but when I click on the arrow underneath library and click on media sharing I am ment to click on share my media but I cant click on it and Ive tried to change it but nothing seems to be working please I really need your help anyone . Thankyou :-)

  5. David says

    I have had this same problem. Interesting Media share works on my system, then I clone my hard drive, boot into new hd and it works fine. However, after a while is stops working again. Same issues, same error messages as above. It was working then stopped. I am using it to share media with my U-Verse Set-top box. Was working for weeks. :-(

  6. Daniel says

    Still need help.
    Windows XP Pro Version 2002 Service Pack 3
    Device Manager does not show any device issues.
    Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service: Automatic – Could not start . . . local computer. Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start.
    HTTP SSL: Automatic – Started – Ok
    SSDP Discovery Service: Automatic – Started – Ok
    Universal Plug and Play Device Host: Automatic – The Universal . . . started then stopped . . .
    Sucks to be me, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Matty O says

    I’ve been battling with this for a couple of days. But unlike many of the previous posts, following the original instructions did not work for me. Post #30 by matt on March 4 2010 was actually the most helpful. It wasn’t until I enabled the ssdp that media sharing would actually turn on and allow me to add the xbox. I’ve had my xbox connected to my pc for the past couple of years and I relied on it to stream video, so I was pretty pissed when it just quit working all of a sudden. Hope this post helps someone else. cheers

  8. matt says

    The http, windows media, usb, and the ssdp all enabled finally did it for me. Win xp. It pops up with window, click allow 360 and the magic happens! Gj.

  9. Carlos says

    I tried enabling windows media player sharing service but i get an error ” Could not start the Windows Media Player Sharing Network on local computer Error 1068 : The Dependency service or group failed to start” any help?

  10. Frustrated says

    About bloody time someone publicly resolved this issue. What a retarded headache for something MS “worked” so hard on making so “easy”.

  11. Ozhen says


    Actually the media sharing is working on my Vista. But not on my XP media center !!!!
    I have checked all these on my XP-media center:
    -Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service – running
    -SSDP Discovery Service – running
    -HTTP SSL – running

    In windows media player 11 , I go and activate the media sharing, and it shows that it has been activated and looks OK.
    But I cannot see my Xbox360 from there.

    I did the same thing on my vista and it worked.
    Any idea !!!!


  12. kruis says

    Vista is hell :) I had the exact same issues, this fixed it.. then a new update came for vista and back to, it says it is running, but the media check box is empty…. grrrr

  13. Shane says

    Well your help has got me a little further but now when i load up windows media player 11 and click on library, then media sharing, the screen pops up but nothing to add, the ps3 is on and i’m using a vista laptop thats a week old. this is driving me absolutely nuts. any suggestions??

  14. Joelly says

    Hey, mine does not still work, I tried to connect my PS3 to my Vista Laptop for years and it wont work, however, it still works on my XP. Is there anything wrong with my Laptop?

  15. Andy says

    i followed the instructions and now it allows me to turn on the option in Win media 11

    but it won’t find the xbox, and yes my xbox is turned on

  16. CJ says

    I know, when I try starting the windows media player network sharing service, an error comes up saying “the dependancy group failed to start” or somethin like that. Please help someone

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