Windows 8 PC Won’t Go to Sleep Mode Anymore

I recently had a user whose Windows 8 PC wouldn’t go to sleep mode anymore. He had just installed the Bittorent client, and even after uninstalling the client, it would no longer sleep. This is a simple fix. Just follow these steps.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Select Hardware and Sound.

3. Select Power Options.

4. Select Change Plan Settings next to the option that you have selected.

Change power plan setting link

5. Select Change advanced power settings.

Change advanced power settings

6. On the Power Options screen, you want to expand each setting and ensure that they allow the computer to go to sleep mode. In my case, the setting under Multimedia settings > When sharing media was set to Prevent idling to sleep. I had to set this to Allow the computer to sleep. If you’re feeling lazy, just hit the Restore plan defaults button and that should toggle all items to where sleeping is allowed in Windows 8.

Power options

If you still have problems with your Windows 8 computer sleeping, there may be a program that is constantly running on your PC that keeps it awake, or even worse, a virus. Use my Bible For Making Your Windows Computer Run Faster to gain control over what’s running on your PC.

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