Windows 8: Disable Driver Signing

I experienced a problem installing old hardware in Microsoft Windows 8 where I couldn’t find compatible drivers for a network card. I came across some community drivers on a website, but when I tried to install them, I received an error.

Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.

Windows found driver software for your device but encoutered an error while attempting to install it.

The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.

I figured this was security that was built into Windows to prevent me from installing bad drivers. This is a feature called Device Driver Signing. After going through the steps to disable driver signing in Windows 8, I was able to get my community drivers installed. Here’s how I did it.

1. Mouse over the lower-left corner, then select Settings.

2. Select Change PC Settings.

3. Choose General.

4. Scroll to the bottom and select Restart now under the Advanced startup area.

5. Select Troubleshoot.

6. Select Advanced Options.

7. Select Startup Options.

8. Select Restart.

Now Device Driver Signing should be disabled, allowing you to install any driver you like in Windows 8 until you reboot.


  1. WAShere says

    Awesome. Worked for me. Thanks!!!

    In Windows 8.1, the 1st 3 steps here are a little different. Go to ‘Settings’>’Change PC Settings’>’Update & Recovery’>’Recovery’ and then follow from Step 4 in this article. Alternatively, you can search (Win key + S) for ‘Startup Options’ and select ‘Change Advanced Startup Options’, and then follow from Step 4 in this article. When you reboot this way, you will see Startup Options when your PC restarts. Make sure to choose ‘Disable Driver Signing’ at boot screen.

  2. Daniel says

    Like the other guy, frustrated because I reach a dead end. It says “Settings” (yes, I see that)….then “Change PC Settings” (yes…I see that)….then “General”…(nope, there is no “General” option)….so that’s the end of that.


  3. Rickard says

    Once again I get trapped on first step.

    “1. Mouse over the lower-left corner, then select Settings.” I have no settings …
    Running Win 8.1 x64

  4. Dhananjay Poojary says


    how to do this same procedures in windows 8.1 i want to install my phones driver to my laptop but its giving me the same erorr as u have mentioned please help.

    Thank u

  5. Matthew Manson says

    can not do this option because my pc is all usb, and I try using command prompt. and my Keyboard is not active when using above option because its usb and I have no p2p ports

  6. Mihai Coman says

    Perfect tutorial!

    I recomand it to everybody who want to install the drivers for UWA-BR100

    Sony on windows 8!

    Thank You!

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