Windows7/Vista: Disable File Sharing Wizard

“Wizards” are for noobs. People who know computers don’t need to be walked through steps using one. ┬áHere’s how to disable the annoying File Sharing Wizard in Windows 7 and Vista.

1. Click on the Start orb then Control Panel.

2. Select Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options.

3. Click on the View tab.

4. Uncheck the Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended) box.

Win7 file sharing wizard option

Now when you right-click a folder and select Share, you will be taken to the Sharing tab under the folder Properties. The Share option will also be grayed out.


  1. EJ says

    Just to answer the questions here about the sharing wizard…

    With the Sharing Wizard enabled, any time you create a share of any subfolder under the C:\Users directory, the share is also enacted on C:\Users. This can be a huge security problem since many subfolders under C:\Users are sensitive and may expose way more than you ever intended to. There’s a TechNet document which explains how this flaw is actually a “feature” –

    The only change you’ll notice in disabling the sharing wizard is, like any wizard function, you won’t be prompted and led through the process of sharing out a folder. With the wizard turned off, you’ll have to initiate all the actions the wizard will normally prompt you to take.

  2. wguru says

    Article needs to disclose how sharing wizard’s an annoyance as I’ve never noticed anything and mine’s ticked, or is the author considering a not grayed out menu (that the user chose to open) an annoyance?

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