Wii: Make the Blue Light Stay On All the Time

There is something about that blue light on the Nintendo Wii. It’s so cool and relaxing looking. If you want to enable it to be on all the time, there is a trick for it.

You can set it up to send you a dummy email. All you have to do is add your email address to your address book. Send an email from the Wii to your email address, then reply back to that email from that email account. Wait for the message to return to the Wii, this can take a long time (one our or so). Never read the email. As long as you don’t view the email, the blue light will then stay on.

There is also a way to alter the insides of the Wii to make the blue like stay on if you are comfortable with taking your Wii apart and making some modifications. This video will help.

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