Wii: Erase All Data

If you wish to erase all data from the Nintendo Wii, you can do so from within the menus of the system. Performing these steps will format the system and set everything back to factory default settings.

1. Delete Wii Shop Channel Info

It is recommended that you remove the Wii Shop Channel information first then format the system memory if you are transferring ownership or selling your Wii console. Otherwise, the new owner will have access to your personal Wii Shop account and purchases. To do so, follow these steps first.

  1. Select the “Wii Shop Channel” from the Main Menu.
  2. Select “Start“.
  3. From the Wii Shop Channel menu, select “Settings“.
  4. Select “Remove Wii Shop Channel Account“.
  5. Select “Remove” to confirm the removal.

2. Format System

  1. From the Main Menu, select the Wii icon on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Select “Wii Settings“.
  3. Click the right arrow 2 times to get to the 3rd page of the Wii Settings
  4. Select “Format Wii System Memory“.
  5. Confirm by selecting “Format“.

The Nintendo Wii will then take a moment to erase itself and be returned to factory default settings.


  1. dane says

    My “new” Wii has a parental Controls lock on it. How do i reset my system when i dont know the PIN?

  2. graham says

    Is there a way to just delete the shop channel history?
    Having trouble with black-ops giving me error telling me to visit shop channel for download, there is a black ops data download file in my history but i cant select it to re download it yet everything else in history is selectable

  3. max rockbin says

    This list says to Format the Wii system memory then erase the shopping channel account.
    The shopping account must be erased first. Otherwise you’d have to reconfigure your Wii including network settings before you could even access your shopping account to delete it.
    The Wii tells you that itself when I tried to follow your instructions.

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