Verizon Wireless: Perform Phone Software Update for List of Towers

There is a secret hidden within some of the documentation Verizon provides to its users that updates the phone’s internal list of cell phone towers. I scoured the Verizon Wireless web site for the code used to do this and found nothing. Eventually I located it on a folder that my local dealer included with the paperwork when I bought my phone.

Dialing *228 and selecting option 2 will provide this software update. Doing so will:

  • Improve battery life
  • Provide fewer dropped or blocked calls
  • Provide clearer, crisp connections in even more areas across the United States

According to Verizon, you should do this every 3 months. The call is free and will work on virtually all Verizon phones such as the BlackBerry, Treo, LG, etc.


  1. m says

    It doesn’t work for my Galaxy S III. It will not allow the call to go out. Has Verizon changed something? I guess I will have to call them

  2. Kerow says

    I kept trying to find info for his but could get it from verizon so I found it here after searching good ole… google.
    And it worked like a charm less dropped calls, less roaming, better data coverage and quicker access to everything/

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