Use Kindle Fire as Second PC Screen

The Kindle Fire has a nice screen for reading books and watching movies. What if you could use it as a second screen for your PC as well? iDisplay ($4.99) is an app that connects the Kindle Fire to your computer via Wi-Fi and allows you to view and utilize resources on your PC from the tablet.

Kindle as second screen

1. Download the iDisplay desktop server software for Windows or Mac.

2. Download the iDisplay app for Kindle Fire in the Amazon App Store.

3. With the server software running on your PC, simply open the iDisplay app on the Kindle Fire. You will be prompted to select the PC you wish to connect with.

4. Drag and drop windows you wish to work with over to your Kindle Fire screen which should now be working as a second PC screen. You can even control items on the screen by tapping and dragging them. If you need to, you can change the configuration of the screens from the PC software.

iDisplay screen arrangement

As a note, we are by no means suggesting this is a solution that is on par with a real monitor. There is a bit of lag and sometimes it’s hard to move things around from the Kindle Fire, but it’s kind of a nice solution if you just want to monitor something off to the side like a chat or Twitter window.


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