How to Untangle Your Cable Storage Mess

Do you have one of these bins?

Cable mess

This is a bin filled with my computer and gadget cables and peripherals from the past 15 years. It’s a tangled mess! I often thought about sorting this mess out, but was always deterred because untangling cables does take time and is difficult to do. Today I finally developed a system and tackled it. Here is the order that I followed to make the job easier.

Start with short, colored cables – Colored cables are easy to spot. If you can see that some of them are shorter than the others, you can easily yank these out of the pile.

Long colored cables – I had a ton of long network cables. Luckily these can be located in the pile easily because they have color. Pull these out second.

Short/fat dark cables – Once you’ve got all the colored cables out of the pile, you are left with a dark mess of cables that look similar. Start pulling cables out by thickness. The thicker ones are easier to trace and pull out. And as always, the shorter the better.

Long dark cables – Finish off the dark pile.

Super long cables – While you’re going through the cables, try to identify the ones that are super long. These should be left for last, regardless of color. After all the shorter cables are untangled from the pile it will just make it easier.

After all my cables were untangled, I tied them up with garbage bag ties. I then placed the cables in Ziplock bags, organized by types:

  • Adapters
  • Audio/Video
  • Coaxial
  • AC Adapters
  • PC Peripheral Cables
  • Video Games
  • Misc

Of course, your organization types may be way different than mine. I then threw out cables that I know I will never use again. Here is the end result after 3 hours of work.

Cables organized

The bin is filled about a quarter of the way now, where before it was flowing over the top. Now I can find any cable or peripheral easily when I need it.

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