Twitter: View Full Website On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Apple iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will display the mobile version of Twitter if you try to visit the site using the Safari browser. To access all the features on Twitter and view the full website, you can follow these steps.

Note: There used to be an option on Twitter’s site to switch to a desktop version of the site. Twitter has removed it though.

After the changes Twitter made to their site, you can no longer view the desktop version of Twitter from Safari without changing the user agent. For an easier workaround, you can start using the Google Chrome browser.

1. Download and install Google Chrome for iOS from the App Store.

2. Open Chrome, then visit

3. Select the Menu button, then choose Request Desktop Site.

Desktop view Twitter

You’re done! You can now use the desktop version of Twitter on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Twitter in desktop view


  1. Linds says

    It’s June 2014 and I have an iPhone 4 I downloaded the google chrome app and visited the twitter mobile site, requested the fullsite within the drop in menu and the full site remains mobile unableing me to link twitter posts to facebook in my settings. I go back up to the same chrome drop down menu to check up on the request full site and it is greyed out. I tried it multitude of times unsuccessfully. So I posted this rant.

  2. Marie K says

    But I can’t download chrome(yet) so is there like another(LEGAL) way to access desktop Twitter from my iPhone?

  3. ༊࿆ƈђєяяγ ѕтγℓιηѕση༺༅ says


  4. Paula says

    You rock. Thanks so much, this is so helpful. I wish Twitter would allow for advanced search on mobile, since I use an iPad much of the time. Really miss the feature with the mobile-only site.

  5. Natasha says

    Awesome step-by-step! So simple I’m mad I didn’t see it without this! ;). Thank you. Very useful & absolutely correct. Works perfectly!

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