How to Transfer Photos or Videos From Droid RAZR to PC

Learn how to transfer photos or videos from the Motorola Droid RAZR to your PC so you can view or manage them on your computer.

Before starting these steps, you may have to download and install the Motorola USB Drivers (Windows only).

1. Connect the device to the computer using the included USB cable.

2. Slide the notification area down by dragging it from the top of the home screen.

Droid RAZR slide notification bar

3. Tap USB connection.

Droid RAZR USB connection option

4. Tap USB Mass Storage.

Droid RAZR USB Mass Storage option

5. The Droid RAZR will mount to your computer as a removable disk. You can access it under Computer/My Computer in Windows, or on the Finder in Mac OS X.

6. Open the removable disk, then the DCIM and Camera folders. Your photos and videos are located here.

Droid RAZR picture and movie location

7. Drag and drop items from the Camera folder to a desired location on your computer. I like to copy mine over to the Windows Pictures and Videos folders respectively.

Droid RAZR drag items to folder

You’ve successfully transferred pictures and videos from your Droid RAZR to your PC. Be sure to properly eject the device before unplugging the cable.


  1. Angela says

    When I receive a picture in a text message, I click on the picture to save it. The picture is saved to a “Messaging” folder. When I connect my Razr Maxx HD to my computer, the “Messaging” folder isn’t there. So how do I get my pics from “Messaging” folder to my computer???

  2. Mark says

    I finally gave up and went to the store my screen did not have the usb connection like the one shown. Mine is under storage,then I go to the 3 lines in the left hand corner, I checked the mass storage but nothing happens when I connect to my computer. The other options are media device or Camera. I used my camera to take the videos I want to download. Do I need a sdcard. Thanks for your help.

  3. lars says

    Thanks. Just connected the USB cable and expected the
    directories to mount just like other phones I’ve had.
    Took a while to find out. With the help of your post.

    — lars

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