Transfer Photos From Droid Incredible to Computer

Want to transfer your photos from your HTC Droid Incredible over to your computer? Here’s how.

1. Connect the Droid to the computer using the USB cable.

2. Slide down the Notifications panel at the top of the screen.

3. Tap Connect to PC on the handheld.

4. Tap Mount as disk drive on the handheld.

5. You will have 2 removable disks listed on your computer under Computer/My Computer for Windows users, on the Finder for Mac users. One of them should have a folder named DCIM. Open the drive then the DCIM folder.

6. Open the Camera folder.

There are your pictures. Now you can transfer the photos from the Droid Incredible by simply dragging and dropping them to any folder on your computer.


  1. Jan says

    Thanks so much, worked great! Clear, simple instructions. Googled this after spending 1/2 hour trying the way Verizon said to do it!

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