Transfer Photos From Droid Incredible to Computer

Want to transfer your photos from your HTC Droid Incredible over to your computer? Here’s how.

1. Connect the Droid to the computer using the USB cable.

2. Slide down the Notifications panel at the top of the screen.

3. Tap Connect to PC on the handheld.

4. Tap Mount as disk drive on the handheld.

5. You will have 2 removable disks listed on your computer under Computer/My Computer for Windows users, on the Finder for Mac users. One of them should have a folder named DCIM. Open the drive then the DCIM folder.

6. Open the Camera folder.

There are your pictures. Now you can transfer the photos from the Droid Incredible by simply dragging and dropping them to any folder on your computer.


  1. Jan says

    Thanks so much, worked great! Clear, simple instructions. Googled this after spending 1/2 hour trying the way Verizon said to do it!

  2. Lori says

    I too have an empty folder message when I open DCIM and Camera. Any other suggestions? I would like to put my photos on my new laptop, and free up some space on my phone.

  3. jennifer says

    my dcim says 0 files……but my phone says i have 879 photos????? any other suggestions??? I got a new phone today and trying to transfer photos from old phone to pc

  4. cammie says

    Yay! Success! (If, like me, you first said “What USB cord?”, I discovered the one from my external hard drive device (PASSPORT) worked just fine! I think the cord for my digital camera would have worked too but I didn’t have it with me. )Thank you for these great directions!

  5. Kelie says

    I dont seem to have a DCIM folder come up as a storage option?? I have a DVD RW DRIVE (D:) and a Removable Disk (E:) option. Are one of these suitable.
    Cheers :-)

  6. keiper says

    Thank you for this info. I even called HTC and they could not provide me with this info. The tech referred me to some third party website which required me to purchase software for $29.99! Thanks.. it was so simple!

  7. 0nPg9 says

    Mac users, you may have to ignore the warning that says it can’t read the drive. Mine read the drive just fine, opened iPhoto, and transfered the images without me doing a thing!

  8. Howdy Doody says

    Yep, that did it. The original instructions downloads ALL IMAGES, including icons, etc. I had to wade through them to find the actual pictures I took. This works much better.

  9. sonj says

    Yippie!! finally someone knows what they are doing!!! Even verizon did not tell me the name of the folder DCIM. I was looking for media.

  10. ladybug says

    I have followed the directions as listed successfully numerous times BUT I installed a new SD card (larger) and copied my photos over to the new SD card. I can find all of my photos on my phone, BUT when I connect to my computer only a portion of the photos show up. It appears that the only ones I can “see” on the computer are the older ones that I manually transferred from the old SD card to the new. I can successfully transfer those photos to my computer for but am missing most of them–including new pictures that I’ve recently taken which should be on the (new) SD card. What now?

  11. Mitch says

    I believe the Incredible mounts 2 removable drives when you attach it to the computer. Are you sure you’re looking in the correct drive?

  12. ashley says

    I have had an Incredible for almost a year. I am on my second one. I would like to transfer my photos from phone storage to my Mac. I have done what all of the instructions say..go to DCIM and open the Camera folder. Nothing is in my Camera folder. I have 165 photos in my camera shots and 653 in my all photos folders on my phone. Why is nothing showing up??

  13. Cori says

    Thanks for easing the panic! I ignored the “does not recognize” message on my Mac and quickly chose the “mount as disk drive” option and magic happened :)

  14. Patrick says

    I am trying to transfer videos which should be in the same folder as pictures. I have a Mac but when you open the dcim and clink on the camera folder nothing is in it…. suggestions? I have checked all the folders created when you plug this thing in as a hard drive and they are all pretty empty.

  15. Tara says

    Tried to follow the instructions from the manual and ended up getting multiple copies of each photo transferred to my computer.

    Followed the instructions from Mitch’s article and it worked flawlessly! Thanks!

  16. Bianca says

    I can’t find the DCIM folder in the finder, does anyone know where it is?? I have a MAC

  17. annestacey says

    I’d like to post an update for lulu’s question. I had to get my phone replaced and then I could not locate the dcim folder anymore. So I downloaded and installed the Verizon Vcast Media Manager and it works very well. When I plug in the phone and set it to load as disk drive, it automatically pulls the new pictures into the software and then I can drag and drop them to My Pictures folder. This has made life much easier. You may want to do this.

  18. ted says

    you have to connect usb and when it ask`s you about what you wanna do you have to mount the phone as a drive. Then you can import all the pictures.

  19. Tracey says

    I have the HTC Droid Incredible 2 and these instructions worked great! So strange that I couldn’t find the videos on the phone itself! I followed these instructions and then for my videos I just right clicked on the video I wanted and selected copy, then I was able to drag it to the folder on my computer hard drive.

  20. Mitch says

    These instructions include Mac. Please read the steps again and let me know if you still have problems.

  21. laura says

    this info is all wonderful IF you have a PC. as I pointed out in my search, I have a mac & want to transfer photos from my htc droid incredible to my
    mac. how to?

  22. rita says

    Does anyone know how to transfer videos to the computer. I followed the steps for pictures and it worked well, but videos have not transferred. What do I do?

  23. Rob says

    Thanks so much for the easy to follow instructions, they worked great, using the DCIM file. I went to a Verizon store, they had no idea, and the tech support over the phone suggested I do not have a memory card installed (I did). Am happy my pics were saved.

  24. Judy says

    The Droid Incredible is new to me so I took pictures and video without knowing I had to change the camera storage settings from phone to card. As a result, the photos are in the phone memory. I would be grateful if someone would tell me how to move them onto my computer.

  25. Mark says

    Easy easy. EMAIL your chosen pics to yourself. When you touch each attachment you will be shown 3 choices: OPEN, SAVE TO PHONE, SAVE TO SD CARD. Make your choice. Done. Obviously, you can do this with any file of any kind.

  26. Deb McNabney says

    Here’s how I did it. I connected the phone and chose mount as disk drive. When I opened Computer (I run Windows 7) 3 drives showed up: CD Drive E:, removable disk J:, and removable disk K. There is a DCIM (all caps)folder in J and a dcim (lower case)folder in K. Both will get you to the pix, but the folder in J will open them as jpegs in Windows photo gallery. The pix on K do not easily open. Go for the all caps DCIM folder in J.

  27. Amy says

    I just got the Incredible. I don’t know how to get my photos stored on the sd card. I can’t find that option under settings. Also we have a mac and I heard that droids don’t work with macs so I can’t just connect it to the computer I need the photos to go to the SD card so I can put the Sd card into my adapter into my iphotos. Any suggestions.

  28. eria says

    when i plug in my phone, it is only showing a few of my pix. i have 200 saved. i’m assuming that i saved them to my internal memory and not my SD card. anyone know if i can resave them or transfer the pix to the SD card so that i can download them to my computer??

  29. Arnold says

    This only works if you save the photos onto the SD card of your phone. To do this, you have to go to settings and save photos taken to the SD card and NOT the internal memory.

  30. dan says

    yes, Stacey’s instructions work – thanks for posting, I couldn’t find this easily on verizon’s or HTC’s websites…

  31. Stacey says

    Sorry… my M key is not working well. The instruction in my post should say: “Mount as Disk Drive”.

  32. Stacey says

    I have the droid incredible and these instructions helped me but were not completely accurate in my situation.

    When I connected the phone to the PC, it popped up a prompt “Connect to PC” where I had to choose choose a connection type and I had to choose “ount as Disk Drive”. Then the PC opened up the folders list on the phone. I had to open DCIM > 100media to get to the pictures (not CAMERA).

    I was on the phone with Verizon tech support while figuring this out and they were also happy to find out how to accomplish the task. I would have thought they know how to do it but maybe the technology is still too new.

    Anyway… hope this helps and thanks for the info.

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