Transfer Music From PC to Samsung Galaxy Note

Enjoy listening to your music library on your Samsung Galaxy Note. The device will support any non-DRM AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, WMA, 3GP, MP4, and M4A music files. Follow these steps to transfer the music files from your PC to the device.

1. On the device, select Settings > Wireless and network > USB utilities, and chose the Connect storage to PC selection.

2. Connect the Galaxy Note to your computer using the micro-USB cable.

3. On the screen of the device, select the Connect USB storage option.

4. A removable disk will mount to your computer. You will see it listed under Computer if you’re a Windows user, or on the Desktop if you’re a Mac user.

5. Drag and drop any music files over to the removable disk. You may want to create a folder named “Music” within the removable disk first for organizational purposes.

Drag music file to folder on removable disk

If you keep your music library within iTunes, you can drag and drop files directly from the iTunes window over to the Galaxy Note removable disk.

Drag iTunes

Windows Media Player users can select the Sync tab and drag music over to the sync list. Selecting Start sync will automatically copy music in the list to the device.

WMP Music Sync

Once your music files have transferred to the Galaxy Note, tap Disconnect storage from PC on the device. Also be sure to properly eject the device from your computer properly by right-clicking on the removable disk and selecting Eject.

You’re now ready to use the Music app to listen to your favorite tunes while on the go.


  1. Eleainsaga says

    I always use iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager to manage my Android files, if you want to transfer your music from your PC to your Samsung Galaxy Note, or from your Samsung phone to your computer, it will be a good choice!

  2. Pacita says

    Hi! I’m stuck in step 2!
    I think there must be something wrong with my phone though…
    I do step one, all good. I connect the cable, and then press the button “connect storage to pc”, but then a msg pups up and says “USB is connected. Remove the cable”. So I do, and then press the button “connect storage to pc” again, but it says “connect USB cable to use mass storage”… vicious circle!
    What can I do? (I have a samsung galaxy note)

  3. Jon says

    I’ve been trying for ages to transfer my music to my phone without success and I have just come across this website.
    Within minutes I done it.

  4. Chris says

    Thanks I looked for hours and nothing was working. Found this webpage and in 30 minutes I had all my music off Itunes and on my Sansung Note

  5. Moritz rafeiner says

    Thank you so much!
    I wasnt able to sync any music to my galaxy note, but now only because of this I´m able!
    Thank you!!! :)

  6. chris says

    As a new android user, it wasn’t very obvious that this was how I was to transfer files onto my phone. You definitely saved me a huge headache since I was starting to get frustrated!

  7. Chef Damon says

    After reading all the other tutorials I finally learned from this tutorial to select settings THEN plug in USB! Not sure why it matters, but it only works in that order. Thanks!

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