G1 Google Phone: Hard Reset

If your T-Mobile G1 Google smartphone is not responding or is frozen, you may have to opt for a hard reset. Here’s how:

1. Turn the G1 off.  If it’s frozen on, take the battery out and put it back in the unit.

2. Hold the Home and Power keys down at same time for about 25 seconds. You will see a yellow triangle screen with exclamation point in the middle.

Now to wipe the device clean:

3. Press Alt+L.

4. Press Alt+W for a factory reset.

5. Press the Home and Back keys again for about 25 seconds.

The device should then reset again and the hard reset is complete.


  1. Samson Etienne says

    I do all the steps, but my htc still with the android logo. What can I do now to fix it?

  2. Lucky guy says

    For me it worked perfect! And all my data was still on the sim/datacard. Still love this phone…

  3. kyle says

    hey my g1 has lost service an i have tried everything an i cant get service back. what do i do to fix it?

  4. Kay says

    @the level of creating google account just press the menu button and select APN names.. there it will give you the list of APN you have but in your own case you dont have any so you’ll need to create meny again and select new APN. This is where you enter the apn and the configurations of your network provider then you go back to account creation stage you should be able to continue.. I just did my own now. Good luck

  5. arrie says

    hey i m facing this problem.my phone keep showing the same reset mark even if i reset it.after presing alt+w it restart again and shows the same window.i ve searched on internet but nothing is helpful.please help some one

  6. imaduddin says

    Hey, i restart my g1, but i got no signal, becouse i was in other coubtry, what should i do..?? can i signing in without signal..?? Please Help me..

  7. abde says

    hey.i did a hard reset,but after starting my g1 again,it cannot connect to google services and my phone stops at the level of creating google account.what should i do?

  8. omid says

    hey.i did a hard reset,but after starting my g1 again,it cannot connect to google services and my phone stops at the level of creating google account.what should i do?

  9. Mihnea says

    Hello I have a problem whith my G1 it don’t find wireless and i can’t activaded it you can help me

  10. HTC NEW OWNER says

    it dint work it came up with the orangy yellow triangle icon with the phone underneath but then froze i tried again and the same happend and i just bought this phone – ad it has apps GALOORRREEE!! and MILLIONS of contacts! so annoying!! what can i do apart from scream!? :L

  11. Randy says

    Liric yea wen u don’t have a data plan on your g1 is only about time before it locks on u so either unlock your g1 or get a data an I don’t meen put your password or code thingy unlock I meen unlock or jailbreak

  12. A. Harris says

    I’d like to clear up some confusion.

    1) This erases your contacts on your phone. Provided you have Contacts sync setup, they will come back down from Google to your phone

    2) This resets the whole phone and you will need to re-sign in to your Google account

    3) This does not format the memory card. To do the memory card, you must do that manually using the SD option in settings. Unmount the card and erase.

    However, this is a great guide to do a hard reset if you are selling the phone.

    Thanks to the original poster for the information. Sometimes it pays just to do a hard reset one time owning the phone so it keeps going fast – its an OS and like every OS on the market, a reset is needed sometimes.

  13. fube says

    my g1 phone freezes after the g1 tmobile welcome and the android.the screen remains blank so please i need help on what to do.

  14. Andrew Shepp says

    Hey ever since I got an icon for “short on phone memory” I have not been able to synch gmail. What’s up?

  15. Eric says

    What If The Yellow Triangle Doesn’t Even Show Up On The Phone.?
    What Do You Do Then.?
    I’d Appreciate The Help. “D

  16. sofii says

    ive tryed too reset it and its wkred but now its saying craete passowrd or singn so i pressed craet and now its satyin not working please HELP

  17. keke says

    myy screen stayss with thee exclamation poin nd picture of the q1 . . . at first i didnt know how it qot like this and then it jus stayed liek this forever . . i tryed resetinq eht but it keeps going bac to it.what do i do?

  18. Dre says

    my G1 touch screen does not sense when I touch it. I attempted a factory reset but “E:Can’t open/cache/recovery/command” was displayed after that. Anyone have any advice?

  19. dyjuan says

    how do i unblcok my pattern my nephew was trying to open my phone now my phone say too many pattern attemps please use google email aaddress

  20. rick says

    i broght the phone off some one but that got me when i look at the phone the first time it look like it was doing fine but when my phone dyed a password came up but i keep trying to figure out the password it took me some where esle talking about put a email address and and i dont know it and i never seen the person i brought it from , and they advice that i should hard reset it, then i do it, after i hard reset it keep saying that i should sign in. please help me.

  21. Randy says

    I reset my g1 like 3 times already htc or tmo couldn’t help an its not rooted I did da test can any1 help PLEASE

  22. Rodney says

    thanks so much! my phone was acting up and this fixed it. and just so everyone knows, the update stays with it and it doesn’t erase your account, you just need to sign in again.

  23. aakash says

    i just did a hard reset on my g1 phone and i just dont know what to do next…and i cannot even use the phone..plz help…

  24. oumoar says

    I lost my password on G1 phone and would like to access to my message (sent/rfeceived) ow how can you help me? phone now.
    i have only my email address. thanks

  25. sree krishna says

    i got my g1 hung up its not responding to my gmail sync.
    is there a way t switch from my previously prescribed mail to another 1 ,if so plz help me out ….

  26. John Miklos says

    thanks alot my g1 frooze on the anroid screen when i turned it on and the re-boot worked i didnt loose any pics or video’s it was great!!!

  27. letty says

    umm so like JEFFREY my G1 froze, so iturned it off and when iturned itbackk on the it stoodon a screen with red blue green and white on it. the company tried troubleshooting it and its not responding what do ido.!?!!!

  28. phebe says

    i forgot my phone password, and they advice that i should hard reset it, then i do it, after i hard reset it keep saying that i should sign in. please help me.

  29. purpledefrense says

    can anyone tell me when the screen says this operation will delete all your personal data, and reset all settings to manufacturer defaults and then the screen isnt doin anything what should i do I mean i did the reset hold both home and back buttons to get to this screen now what should I do after that please help.

  30. Dean Warden says

    Thanks a Mil, My niece thinks im a genius, she has been trying to get her phone working for months now, she gave me a ring 3 mins ago, and i told her exactly what to do word for word as you described above, the thinks im a super nerd now and a bit freaked out as to why i know this, ahahahah… but she is extatic to have the phone working again



  31. Smogy says

    Ignore my last comment, I didnt see steps 1 and 2 next to the advert.

    Thats what I get for using a PDA lol

  32. Smogy says

    I could not do a hard reset with the above advice but the following worked perfectly :)

    Power off the G1
    Hold Home Key + End key for 20 seconds or till you see a triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the G1

    Open the QWERTY keyboard and hit Alt+W

  33. robert m says

    reset my g1 with no problems, erases everything though
    did not do the home and back keys on line 5 with no problems.

  34. Louise says

    3 day old G1, update notification came up whilst on charger, hit ok, next time I look I have a triangle with an exclamation point and a pic of the phone beneath it. Tried all the solutions up above, every time it went back to that screen! Had to go and replace the phone and I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again.

  35. joe says

    Whenever I sign into yahoo messanger with my g1 it tells me server error when tryn to load buddy list what’s wrong

  36. servando says

    can inybody tell me why i can’t get any apps an the market on the screen say a server error has accurrek can somebody help me

  37. mitchell says

    If I hard rest my G1 will it erase everything on my phone and even my email account with google??please help me

  38. JEFFREY says


  39. arteksta1 says

    If I reset my phone to the factory reset what happens to my g1 update I finally got? Is there a way to change my gmail sync to a different gmail account? And how do get my phone to vibrate again when I touch my touch screen? Can someone help me please! Arteksta1@yahoo.com

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