Sync Google Play Library With Your Android

I finally tried out the Google Play service for managing my music library. I found the service extremely easy to use and free from problems. Here’s how to get up and started with Google Play and sync your music library with your Android device so that you can play your music from “the cloud”.

1. Login to Google Play.

Download Music Manager link

2. Click the Add Music link and click Download Music Manager.┬áThe software will automatically find music on your computer and upload it to the “cloud”. I had it import my iTunes library.

Music Manager adding songs

Importing can take a while. It took all night to import over 4,000 songs.

Google Music album view

3. Download and install the Google Play Android app.

4. The Google Play Android app will detect any music located on your SD card and allow you to play it. To access the music in the “cloud”, select Settings > Google Account.

Google Music Android settings

5. Choose the account you wish to sync with. Once you select it, sit on the screen and wait for it to sync. I backed out of this screen early and the setting didn’t save. Wait for the circle to stop spinning.

Select account to sync in Google Music for Android

6. Once the circle stops moving, the music should be synced and allow access to your library. Select Escape twice and you should see all of your music listed. You can now play your music from your Android while it’s stored in the Google Play service.

Android music list


  1. erik says

    This is not a “sync”, as far as i can tell. music files on SD card are not used, and files are not transferred to/from the phone. I’d like to know how to make that happen.

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