Sprint EVO 4G: Boot In Safe Mode

If you’ve loaded some type of software or changed a setting that has rendered your Sprint EVO 4G useless, booting the device in Safe Mode may be something to try. Safe Mode allows you to start the EVO 4G with default software, so that if you’ve jacked it up somehow, you can get in and undo what you did.

1. Shut down the device. If the power button doesn’t work, pull the battery out of the unit, then replace it.

2. Turn on the device.

3. Press and hold the Menu button and keep holding it until you see the Home screen load.

The words Safe Mode should appear in the lower-left corner of the screen to let you know you did the steps correctly. Now you can do what you need to do, and attempt to restart the device normally.


  1. james says

    i would rinse it off with a little water without the battery in it and then make sure you get the whole internals dry before replacing the battery

  2. brent burdett says

    I spilled gatorade on my phone it went into safe mode , how to I turn it off… please help

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