Set iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to Automatically Sleep

I like to use my iPod Touch to put me to sleep at night by playing soothing music. The device will keep playing music all night though, sapping battery power. Fortunately, you can set your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to automatically sleep after a certain amount of time using the Clock app.

1. From the Home menu, select Clock.

iOS Clock app icon

2. Select Timer.

3. Set the number of hours and minutes, then tap When Timer Ends.

iOS set clock app

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose Sleep iPhone, iPad or iPod.

iOS Clock sleep ipod setting

5. Tap Set in the upper-right corner.

iOS Clock set button

6. Tap Start to start the timer.

iOS Clock start timer

Now the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will automatically sleep after the time interval you set.


  1. Carol Darch says

    Thank you Mitch! I like to go to sleep listening to an audiobook. This will solve the “battery drain problem” for me.

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