Samsung Stratosphere: How to Take a Screenshot

If you ever have a need to take a screenshot on the Samsung Stratosphere smartphone, the capability is built right into the phone.

1. Press both the Power and Home buttons briefly.

Samsung Stratosphere buttons for screenshot


2. You should hear a “click” sound and the screen will say “Screen captured. Saved as image file“.

Samsung Stratosphere screenshot saving

3. You can access your screenshot images by opening the Gallery app and selecting the ScreenCapture folder. If you need to pull them over to your computer, mount the Samsung Stratosphere and access the ScreenCapture folder located in the root directory of the SD card.

Samsung Stratosphere ScreenCapture folder



  1. nikki says

    what do i do if it just keeps saying “unable to capture screen please try again” everytime i try and take a screenshot?

  2. Scott says

    Does anyone know if you can transfer entire text threads to a pc. I have some conversations that are very long and screen capture would take too long to do. Some of these are 60 – 70 messages long.

  3. kathys says

    Is there some trick to not pull up the menu when the power putton is pushed? I have been unable to get clean shots without a menu showing.

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