Samsung Stratosphere: How to Remove/Insert SD Card

The Samsung Stratosphere comes with a 4GB SD card. You may want to replace it with one with more space. Here’s how to remove and insert the SD card on the Samsung Stratosphere.

1. Turn the phone off or unmount the SD card under Settings > SD card & phone storage.

Samsung Stratosphere Unmount

2. Remove the rear cover by using the small slot at the top of the phone.

Removing Stratosphere back cover

3. Place the phone with the screen down on a flat surface. Locate the SD card slot on the top-right side.

Samsung Stratosphere SD Card slot

4. To remove the SD card, press firmly on it and it will eject from the slot.

Samsung Stratosphere press SD card

5. Gently remove the card from the slot.

Samsung Stratosphere remove SD card

6. Insert the new card into the slot with the contacts facing the screen.

Samsung Stratosphere replace SD card

7. Push the card all the way in until you hear it click into place.

8. Replace the rear cover. The Stratosphere should detect the new card. Check under Settings > SD card & phone storage to see if the card is properly detected.

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