Samsung Kies Software Stuck at “Installing Hotfix” Fix

I tried to install the Samsung Kies software on my Windows 7 computer and found that it stuck at part of the installation that said “Installing Hotfix…”. It endlessly stayed at this screen and clicking Cancel did nothing. Here’s what I did to fix the issue.

1. Right-click the time in the lower right corner of the screen or press CTRL + ALT + Delete.

2. The Windows Task Manager will appear. Select the Processes tab, then select the Kies process.

End Kies install task

3. Select End Process and the endless install should close.

4. Download and install the latest version of Java.

5. Attempt to install the Samsung Kies software again. The installation should successfully complete this time.


  1. bob says

    just waited for it to finish takes a long time. installed in the time i wasted looking for a solution

  2. Bruce says

    After waiting forever for the repetitions to end, which wasn’t happening, I searched for a solution and came to this page.
    Just as I was about to start following the directions, it FINALLY moved on by itself!
    It just takes time, people… be patient :)

  3. Idus says

    After waiting a few minutes, I pressed the cancel button. Obligatory ‘are you sure’ window popped up. I left it open, disconnected from the internet, and clicked on the ‘no, I’m not sure’ option. Installation finished up in 20 seconds.

    It is a 65MB package so it shouldn’t need a live connection except for updates. I would recommend: download package, disconnect from internet, install package.

  4. Tony says

    Confirmed, yes it does take a long time as stuck in a hotfix install loop. However it does get past it eventually, and installs fine.

  5. Grumpy1018 says

    Amen to the “leave it alone” response when installing Kies seems to be stuck on installing hotfix. Go make a sandwich or get a beer, it will eventually do its thing and finish installing. I discovered this after task manager force closing the install, searching the Web forever for answers, etc. Just let the sucker run, it just takes a long time!

  6. James Seychell says

    I tried to install the Samsung Kies software on my Windows xp computer and found that it stuck at part of the installation that said “Installing Hotfix…”. I had to stop the installation and close from the task manager. I saw your answer to this problem but the computer was windows 7.Does it also work for windows xp?


  7. Derek says

    Alex you should ALWAYS have Java updated anyways not doing so is like leaving the front door to your house open. It’s exceptionally un secure software when not kept updated.

  8. J says

    PS, you’re not “messing” with Java, you’re only downloading and installing the latest version.

  9. J says

    This worked! After sitting in front of my screen, staring at the “Initiating HotFix” status bar just zing by a thousand times, I stopped the process, downloaded the latest version of Java and now the install is taking place. Thanks!

  10. Alex says

    Just be patient.

    Kies keeps on this ¨installing hotfix¨ for some (long) time and no indication of progress is shown but eventually it will move on all by itself, no need to mess with java.
    I use Windows Vista.

  11. Surinder says

    I tried all options mentioned here, but could not install Kies, then I simply disconnected internet and Bingo!

  12. Marty says

    Didn’t really solve my case, cause I already had latest version of Java. Anyway when I tried the install for second time, it worked like a charm.

  13. Koile says

    This is ridiculous, Kies is the worst program ever.
    And of cause its build on Java, the most unsecure platform ever.
    Need to update OFW on my Galaxy SII and Samsung keeps preventing me from installing Kies, and in this state my phone is a brick because i cant answer calls and keep getting the same SMS every minute. Looks like Samsung wants us to use CFW and programs like ODIN which actual work and dont crash every minute or hang when installing.
    Btw thanks for instructions and the comment from CraigS

  14. Happy says

    Thank so much for helping to get past the issue.
    Installing Java for just what was needed

    :-) :-) :-)

  15. Sohaib says

    Wow, the provided instructions worked for me. Updated java and boom it started working.
    thanks a lot, you saved me lots of time!

  16. Michael says

    I just hit “cancel” several times and then waited a little. The software then came back and asked me, “Are you sure or would you like to continue?” So, I said continue and it seems to be fine now.

  17. Floppy says

    For me, I just cancelled the installation when it started looping. After the installation closed I started the installation again. No loop. This worked for me twice, home computer and work computer. No Java update necessary.

    Unrelated note: I tried repeatedly to update my AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII to Jellybean using Kies and it kept hanging at 3%. I finally tried checking the box that allows installation data to be sent to Samsung and it worked fine. This may have just been a bug and may be fixed now but it was somewhat shady.

  18. Ada says

    Thanks so much from Italy. I ran across this page while looking for suggestions and I could solve my installation problem with Kies.
    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  19. Chris says

    Thanx, too, for posting this… @Stevie: u’re right… I always wonder why it seems to be unbearable to tell the user what’s going wrong O_o

  20. bob alou says

    thank you so much for posting this. worked perfectly. if you are ever in Austin, Tx I’ll buy you a beer.

  21. Stevie says

    thanks it worked! what a piece of garbage software form samsung. how can they release this garbage and sleep at night?

  22. usoab says

    Same problem here guys the simple solution is to unplug your mobile usb from pc and the hotfix loop will fade out.

  23. PSABT1008 says

    Thanks for this. After watching it loop about 15 times on Windows 7 64bit I updated Java and it worked great.

  24. SnoB says

    It does that everytime i install it on windows 7 too, loops about 7 times(maybe on windows 8 it will loop 8…hehe) and then continues to install perfectly well. No java downloads or installations necessary.

  25. Mark says

    Hmmm…installed Kies at home (Windows 7) and at office (XP), and both times I thought I was having this problem (“Installing Hotfix” loop), but both times it eventually completed the install. Puzzling…

  26. DS says

    Cheers for this post. Got your solution on 2nd search.
    All sorted.

    Should all note: there’s a Java 7 exploit (or summit!) so until next fix (in Oct?) it is recommended:
    Java control Panel, Advanced tab, JRE Auto-Download, Change from Always download to User Prompt.

  27. JJ says

    Thanks Mitch for posting this worked a treat. I had tried to install then remove via system restore on a couple occassions as my Win 7 PC 64 bit kept stalling out at Installing Hotfix.

  28. NP says

    I killed the hung session via Task Manager as suggested. Rebooted the PC. Started up the install again and it worked.

  29. rishabh says

    worked for me too as when i highlightes the kies process in task manager it started installation

  30. John Peat says

    I ran into the hotfix looping bug so I End-Tasked it – but I really don’t want to install Java 7, as I develop on Java 6 – so I did a bit of tinkering and…

    What worked for me was shutting-down any other USB monitoring software (e.g. HTC Sync etc.), anything using Java (in my case Eclipse), disabling my auto-backup and anti-virus software and ensuring no phones were connected to the PC when I ran the KIES installer.

    It then completed AOK – so Java 7 isn’t required. I suspect the problem is either related to the USB device handlers OR to Java being in-use (installing Java 7 would fix the latter).

  31. lsblsb says

    i just waited about 20 minutes (Installing Hotfix repetitions…), but finally it continued installing and successfully finished.

  32. Tim Kettle says

    Just highlighting the Kies process in Task Manager kicked the installation into action!

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