Samsung Kies Software Stuck at “Installing Hotfix” Fix

I tried to install the Samsung Kies software on my Windows 7 computer and found that it stuck at part of the installation that said “Installing Hotfix…”. It endlessly stayed at this screen and clicking Cancel did nothing. Here’s what I did to fix the issue.

1. Right-click the time in the lower right corner of the screen or press CTRL + ALT + Delete.

2. The Windows Task Manager will appear. Select the Processes tab, then select the Kies process.

End Kies install task

3. Select End Process and the endless install should close.

4. Download and install the latest version of Java.

5. Attempt to install the Samsung Kies software again. The installation should successfully complete this time.


  1. bob says

    just waited for it to finish takes a long time. installed in the time i wasted looking for a solution

  2. Bruce says

    After waiting forever for the repetitions to end, which wasn’t happening, I searched for a solution and came to this page.
    Just as I was about to start following the directions, it FINALLY moved on by itself!
    It just takes time, people… be patient :)

  3. Idus says

    After waiting a few minutes, I pressed the cancel button. Obligatory ‘are you sure’ window popped up. I left it open, disconnected from the internet, and clicked on the ‘no, I’m not sure’ option. Installation finished up in 20 seconds.

    It is a 65MB package so it shouldn’t need a live connection except for updates. I would recommend: download package, disconnect from internet, install package.

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